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A ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Comes For Amber Rose And Drags Her With Reads & Receipts On Instagram

This tea is piping hot!

Amber Rose recently addressed all the various rumors swirling about her, insisting she doesn't think women from her hometown of Philly are ugly. Former "BBW" star Sundy Carter apparently isn't buying Rose's explanations, calling her out on social media!

Rose, 34, had shared an Instagram Story in response to several unfounded stories about her that had been going around.

Amber addressed the false reports, writing, "I'm just going to address every rumor about me...not like I really give a [expletive] to explain [ish] but it gets really annoying and also affects my real life."

The Instagram model denied cheating on her ex-boyfriend, 21 Savage, with Lil Pump. She also hit back at rumors she had reconciled with ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa.

Another topic that Amber addressed in her response was about stating that black women from her native city of Philadelphia are "ugly."

Amber wrote, "I never said the girls in Philly are ugly. I would never call anyone ugly I’m just not that type of person. I was simply speaking of how I was treated in my own neighborhood."

Former "Basketball Wives LA" star Sundy Carter refused to accept Rose's explanation, taking her previous comments personally due to being a Philly native herself. 

Sundy aired Amber out on social media, writing, "For you to one second not give a [expletive] and the next you're explaining the reason behind the statement in quotations is a contradiction."

She continued, "I'm a Philly native and took offense to what you ORIGINALLY said. 'Traditionally' means typically and being that your words don't match what you preach as far as women empowerment, encouraging young girls to wear what they choose yet demand respect and all of the other [expletive] you say screams a lot about your insecurities as well as character!"

Carter went on to make it a point to explain she sees beauty "in all shades and shapes" in her home city.

Sundy continued asking, "Who are you to determine what beauty is or who is for that matter? I'll wait...US PHILLY women ain't trying to hear this [ish] again."

Sundy then commented on liking Amber better without a wig on and threw some more shade.

Carter stated that she preferred the old Amber...the person she was when she dated Kanye West. "P.S. Bring the Amber that was with Kanye back! You know the fly unapologetic [expletive]! We would all appreciate it...Love Sundy."

The controversy surrounding Amber’s colorism comments happened last summer when she appeared the Drink Champs podcast with N.O.R.E. as a guest. When asked about her childhood, Rose claimed that girls she grew up with in her part of Philly weren’t considered “traditionally attractive” and that people often didn’t believe she was from South Philly because of her looks.

Recap Rose's words, and read Sundy Carter's full response, below:

Oop!! Former #BasketballWives star #SundyCarter has a message for #AmberRose after she decided to clear up some rumors earlier today 👀 (SWIPE)

Should Amber Rose clap back at Sundy, or leave this topic alone?

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