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Stevie J Responds To Questions About Loyalty To Biggie After Marrying Faith Evans

Look, we were not all that jazzed about Faith Evans marrying Stevie J last summer, but they seem pretty infatuated with each other so, why not let them live? There is even a lucrative reality show offer on the table, supposedly.  Ca-ching!

(To be fair though, their vow-swapping was a bit rushed. But leave The Notorious B.I.G out of the conversation, maybe?)

Between their matching tattoos, new baby rumor-sparking, gushing tweets, mistress allegations and what-have-you, the duo have been flaunting their love for all to see. 

Despite their family, especially Faith’s son, CJ with ex-husband, Biggie Smalls, not being totally on-board with how quickly Faith and Stevie made it official, Mr. & Mrs. Jordan proceeded with life as normal. 

But many can’t get over the fact that Stevie used to be friends with the Notorious B.I.G, so did he break “bro-code” by tying the knot with Faith? Hm.

Well, Faith and Stevie posted a snap, captioning it, “rock solid. [expletive] talking it, but ain’t living it #TheJordans.” One fan chose to chime in, saying, “I just wanna know how u used to be sitting with biggie and she was married [to] him… anybody from the street [know] loyalty everything.” 

Stevie wasn’t bothered, writing, “I hear you though. We are 20+ years afterwards and we are married & happy. Take your issue up with GOD.” 

#StevieJ responds to a fans concern about his marriage to #FaithEvans years after #Biggie’s passing 👀

Here, here.

People were previously up in arms over the fact that Biggie was excluded from the marriage certificate, though Faith and the late rap idol’s union is common knowledge among the hip-hop crowd.

In a photo of the official document, Faith’s marriage to Stevie is listed as her second, after her 1998 union with Todd Russaw...completely excluding Christopher Wallace a.k.a. The Notorious B.I.G.

Faith reportedly told TMZ that the courts are responsible for the inaccuracy; they claim she revealed the marriage license bureau clerk made the mistake even after Faith told her that Stevie was her third husband.

"Biggie was my first true love, he will always be acknowledged as such,” she said. “Everyone knows he was my husband."

Indeed. Still puzzled as to how Faith and Stevie decided to walk down the aisle? Same. But Faith has opened up about their romantic history before.

"I did date him but there was a long period of time I couldn't fathom that thought," Faith once shared. "I never had that thought. Even when he tried to really holla at me, it took months of him convincing me that he was trying to be different."

“He tried to talk to me fresh off dating [Joseline] and he has told me about every relationship he has been in," she went on to dish. "It was definitely a challenge for me to consider it."

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Well, as long as they are in a healthy, happy space, right?

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