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Stevie J's Side Chick Wants Him To Pay Child Support As She Shares The First Photos Of His "Love Child"

Fix It Right Now Jesus! 

Some messes just snowball, huh?

Stevie J and Faith Evans reportedly swapped rings and vows in a Las Vegas hotel back on July 17th. 

For some reason, even though we all saw what the Love & Hip Hop star treated Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez and every other woman he’s ever been with… the 90’s r&b icon still decided to marry him in an impromptu wedding.

Faith better buckle in and stay ready for a bunch of non-stop antics with her new husband Stevie J as it didn't take long for the bones to fall out of his closet

Stevie may have impregnated and ditched a 20-year-old Instagram Model named Misha Perry. 

Announcing the news just days after Faith & Stevie’s wedding, the alleged new mom-to-be swore she was already six months along in her pregnancy and disappointed that the Love & Hip Hop star was abandoning both her and "his" unborn baby.

Well, the woman claiming to be Stevie J's side chick gave birth to a beautiful baby (named Harmony) a few weeks ago and sticking standing by her story that Stevie J is indeed the father.

The 20-year-old took to Instagram to share a first picture of the baby, captioning it: ‘Harmony is here. I love you more than anything else in this world. #steviej #lhhatl #leaveittostevie.’

Now she’s sharing another picture of the newborn. Um, adorable! Do you think the bundle of joy looks anything like their alleged father?

With that the baby is here, Misha is preparing to get some child support from not only Stevie J …but from Faith Evans Jordan as well. 

‘Since you getting married I hope faith can help you on some of those child support debts because YOUR ( our ) child will be here,” Misha penned. “It’s sad that your almost 50 & still getting played like a fiddle , u done got married to a man that got SEVERAL BABYMAMAS. Biggie is turnin over in his grave you should be ashamed of yourself”.


Faith already weighed in on this situation. And she’s not nearly as bothered as you might imagine. 

“Faith’s standing by Stevie J and she’ll continue to stand by her husband even if this baby does turn out to be his,” a source previously shared. “The one thing that would actually shake Faith’s loyalty, however, is if this woman has proof that Stevie cheated on Faith with her. But it would have to be unshakeable proof — not something shady that could be faked. Like, if she has got date stamped videos that line up with when Faith and Stevie were together, and I mean really together and not on one of their many breakups.”

"It’s been a really rocky road with a lot of breakups and makeups, so it could have easily happened when they were free to see other people. As far as Faith believes, Stevie’s always been true to her. And she’ll believe in him and give him the benefit of the doubt unless she gets solid proof otherwise”.

Is shifting the financial burden over to Faith totally ridiculous? Or is Misha’s game-plan solid?

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