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Details Of Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez's Custody Battle Agreement Over 1-Year-Old Daughter Revealed!

So who gets Bonnie Bella?

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez settled their custody battle after reaching an agreement over their 1-year-old daughter, Bonnie Bella, last month. 

New details of the agreement ban the former couple from trash-talking one another or from having overnight guests when their daughter is present.

Stevie and Joseline were able to settle their differences following their previous tumultuous relationship, coming to a mutual agreement on custody of their little girl.

Stevie J, the father of six children, will pay Joseline $1,000 a month in child support based on his $30k a month income. Joseline also listed her monthly income as $30,000. Joseline was awarded primary physical custody but they have joint legal custody.

The child support amount factored in Stevie’s other child support payments, with one totaling over $1.3 million for his two oldest children. 

The court documents show that Stevie J has final say on all matters involving Bonnie Bella's religion and extra-curricular activities. Joseline has the final say on their daughter's health care and education.
#fbf of my lil mama @bonniebellahernandez

Joseline and Stevie also agreed that they won't engage in public trash-talking on social media or in the press. They are also prohibited from bashing one another other in front of their young daughter. If a social media post is published on their account, they have 24 hours to have it taken down. 

Joseline and Stevie J also both agreed not to allow romantic partners over while they have their daughter. 

The agreement states, "Petitioner and Respondent mutually agree to abstain from having overnight, intimate guests of the opposite [gender], not related by blood or marriage, while the minor child is in his/her physical custody."

Bonnie Bella's parents have come a long way since their messy feuds. The Puerto Rican Princess filed a lawsuit against her baby daddy in 2016 over custody of their daughter. 

Things continued to be ugly between them last year, when a judge was forced to order Stevie and Joseline to stop insulting each other. 

The judge told them to "stop doing any act injuring, maltreating, vilifying, threatening, molesting, or harassing" each other.  

That same year, the court claimed that Stevie and Joseline were attempting to hide their daughter from the court-appointed guardian. The judge had appointed the guardian to ensure Bonnie was safe and healthy in their care. 

Joseline and Stevie appear to have put their past troubles behind them, even appearing in a Periscope video with their daughter on April 27.

The couple appeared to be on great terms following their court date and were shown enjoying one another's company. 

The following day, Stevie told his followers, "We’re gonna stay blessed and keep it moving."

What do you think of the custody arrangement?

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