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Here's Why Stevie J Was Reportedly Fired From 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta'

There are rumors swirling that Stevie J was just fired by producers of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" after his heated argument with Erica Mena became physical.

News outlets are reporting that Stevie was axed from the reality show and banned from future shows on VH1 over his messy behavior.

A source claims that Stevie and Erica got into a war of words on the set of the reunion show taping, with the music producer reportedly calling Mena's son a homophobic slur. Stevie reportedly delivered a hate-filled rant about Mena's 11-year-old son, which didn't go over well with her.

Erica reportedly slapped Stevie and some insiders suggest he laid hands on her and security had to pull them apart. He was even reportedly removed from the building by security.

Here's an eyewitness account of what happened:

Stevie is reported fired at the moment (pending further investigation) and producers are reviewing video footage of the reunion show to make a final decision.

Erica went on Instagram Live and went off on a profane rant about Stevie dissing her son. She warned Stevie that her son's father, Raul Conde, would beat him down like he allegedly used to do to her. 

However, some fans weighed in on the drama and many suggest she was in the wrong:

One fan wrote, "Sis and you like to hit men and think there’s nothing wrong with it. You were the same one bragging about laying hands on your baby father right🤔 so knock it tf off."

Another follower commented, "I can't stand chicks who put their hands on men and when that man responds back in the same manner, the chick thinks that he should be demonized. Naw sis, go over there with the [expletive]."

Other fans of "LHHATL" find Erica and her big mouth unbearable and hope she'll be kicked off the show.

One fan wrote, "Erica is one of the most annoying obnoxious irrelevant woman I have ever watched on tv."

Sadly, that wasn't the end of the bad behavior for Stevie that same evening. He reportedly left the taping of "LHHATL" before arriving during taping of "Growing Up Hip Hop" with Just Brittany.

#DaddyDuties - #Steviej and his princess.

The pair went to an event where Jhonni Blaze was performing and was being filmed for "GUHHATL" and Brittany reportedly threw a glass at Jhonni.

Blaze took to Instagram to blast Stevie and Brittany, explaining that she threw a glass cup at her before hiding behind Stevie. Thankfully, the glass flew right past her.

She blasted both Just Brittany and Stevie J for crashing her show, telling Brittany she would be seeking revenge for crashing her performance and throwing a drink on her.

Shad Moss commented on the incident, stating that the "GUHHATL" new season was "bout to get crazy" on just the third day of filming.

Moss (aka Bow Wow) went on to suggest that the VH1 stars want to be on "GUHHATL."

Court today! I’m always ready, fear none but God.

Fans will recall that Jhonni was set to join "LHHATL" for Season 7, but that never happened due to her feud with Stevie J.

She aired Stevie's dirty laundry on social media and claimed he was hooking up with transgender, Shauna Brooks. She also claimed he threatened her with a gun. 

All praises due to The Most High🙏🏽 #LeaveItToStevie #DangerZone

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” airs on Mondays at 8/7c.

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