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Stevie J's Alleged Side Chick Gives Birth To His 7th Child + Shares The First Photo Of The Baby

We just have to ask this question before we start….

You mean to tell me Faith Evans saw how Stevie J treated Mimi Faust, Joseline Hernandez and every other woman he’s ever been with said, “Hey, Sign me up to marrying him?”

I mean the 90’s r&b icon knew what she was signing up for when agreed to stick around “for better or worse” in that Las Vegas Wedding room on July 17th? 

Faith better buckle in and stay ready for a bunch of non-stop antics with her new husband Stevie J. 

Their surprise wedding rustled many fans, family and friends but they seem committed to making it work. 

It didn't take long for the bones to fall out of Stevie J's closet as he's being accused of impregnating and ditching a woman – 20-year-old Instagram Model by the name of Misha Perry. 

At the time, the alleged mom-to-be) swore she was already six months along in her pregnancy and disappointed that the Love & Hip Hop star was abandoning both her and "his" unborn baby.

So, what did Faith think of Stevie supposedly getting a 20-year-old pregnant?

An insider told HollywoodLife that Faith “will continue to stick by Stevie’s side no matter what, even if the unborn child is really his.”

But not if it turns out he had cheated with the alleged baby mama, Misha Perry. However, she would need "unshakeable proof". Hm?

"Like, if she’s got date stamped videos that line up with when Faith and Stevie were together, and I mean really together and not on one of their many breakups."

"It’s been a really rocky road with a lot of breakups and makeups, so it could have easily happened when they were free to see other people. As far as Faith believes, Stevie’s always been true to her. And she’ll believe in him and give him the benefit of the doubt unless she gets solid proof otherwise," the source dished.

Faith also felt Misha is just seeking fame and attention and should not be trusted.

Well, Misha is still standing by her story as she announces the birth of her daughter, Harmony, and says Stevie J is indeed the father. 

The 20-year-old took to instagram to share a first picture of the baby, captioning it: ‘Harmony is here. I love you more than anything else in this world. #steviej #lhhatl #leaveittostevie.’

Of course, it’s too early to tell if the baby looks like the music producer because most of Baby Harmony’s face was not in the shot.

#mishaperry claims she is pregnant by #steviej ☕️ will be on the site #gossiptwins

Previously, an insider told HollywoodLife that Stevie J doesn’t believe he’s the father of Misha’s baby. 

The source shared: “He says Misha isn’t to be trusted and is just a random woman seeking fame. Faith believes him — she has seen enough dudes get hustled, she is not new to this game. Faith feels the girl’s trying to take advantage of her new husband that she loves dearly. Faith and Stevie J are trying to build a future together, and she feels like Misha’s only trying to drag them down and gain some attention and followers for her benefit and clout.” 

“I do not know why he needs to cause more conflict and drama in his life and go about it the hard way when I am just asking him to come in. Maybe he is scared to admit he has another child, maybe he does not want to be responsible for another child? My child deserves a father,” the source added.

We’d imagine a DNA test will be ordered and if it’s confirmed to be Stevie J, Harmony will be his 7th child. 

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