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Mimi Faust And Girlfriend React To Stevie J. Marrying Faith Evans With Some Petty Advice & Hot Tea

Gather around—tea-spilling time has arrived.

It’s about Stevie J. And it’s not from Mimi Faust this time! Well, directly, that is. 

Most were pretty surprised to find out that Stevie J and Faith Evans had made it official for many reasons. In fact, it seems that not many even knew they were dating. 

We are all well-aware that Stevie’s ex, Joseline Hernandez, with whom he shares a one-year-old daughter named Bonnie Bella, claimed that Stevie asked her to become his wife not long before he ended up exchanging vows with Faith, right?

The self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess posted the purported proof on Instagram at one point.

Joseline shared a screenshot of a June 17th text conversation between her and Stevie J, who was saved under "A hole" in her phone. Petty.

Stevie wrote "Will you marry me?" and Joseline snapped back, saying, "I’m actually trying to marry someone else I really like. I’m sorry. I tried it with you. I’m liking some one else a lot."

The thread seemed to show that he didn't take her refusal well as he went on to call her out of her name soon after.

“Coo. Damn. I love you Joseline. You stupid little b[expletive],” Stevie replied to her burn with.

Guess he was making the rounds, because it seems that he tried the same game with Mimi too, according to her girlfriend, Tamera “Ty” Young.

A fan suggested that she wanted Stevie wanted to win Mimi back one day, which the Love & Hip Hop star basically laughed off.

However, Ty wrote, “I swear he was asking her for another chance before he married Faith”, followed by a shrugging emoji.


See the screenshots below:

Faith and Stevie started dating sometime in 2016, but split just months later, with the songstress saying she hadn’t taken him all that seriously anyway. However, they randomly ended up getting married in a Las Vegas hotel room on July 17th. 

Mimi previously opened up about her reaction to the surprise marriage, saying, “Is that real? I don’t know. I saw it on the blogs. I don’t know [expletive]. Listen, if it’s real, Congratulations to the both of them. Faith, Stevie. Congratulations Faith. I don’t know what’s going on. I think I need to give you a pair of my glasses because you need to read that contract thoroughly. Born and Fed. Faith, I think you might need to get a pair of glasses to read that marriage certificate or whatever prenup he wants you to—I don’t know what he asked you to sign but read it thoroughly. I don’t know."

"Congratulations though. Y’all got a whole football team. All that I can say is better her than me. More power to the people and goodnight.”


#NationalGirlfriendDay #WCE #LoveWins 💜💜

Speaking of Stevie J, Joseline is lobbing some interesting allegations at him, so drama is brewing all over the place, eh?

So, does this supposed story shock you? Because we find it way too easy to believe somehow. Hm.

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