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Instagram Model Blasts Snoop Dogg; Exposes His Cheating Ways And Shares Videos & Texts — Receipts Inside

Extreme messiness coming your way. Watch out.

Instagram Model Celina Powell really winds up in the headlines a lot. 

It wasn’t that long ago that She claimed Offset cheated on Cardi B with her and that she was having Offset's baby.

Celina was online splashing “proof” that he was the father of her daughter and the IG model and Cardi went back and forth on social media repeatedly. 

After being served a court order to take a DNA test, It was later revealed that Offset was not the father of Celina’s baby. 

According to HipHopDX, Celina later admitting that she faked her pregnancy and lied about Offset being the father of her child, causing Cardi B to hop onto Twitter to call her “crazy” amid other nasty comments that we're not going to repeat here. 

Anyway, she is airing out another rapper once again as now she’s set her sights on a the beloved rapper from Long Beach, California – Snoop Dogg! 

Celina claims that “Uncle Snoop” had supposedly been cheating on Shante Broadus, his wife of 20-plus years, with the woman who is known as the so-called “Black Widow.”

Over the weekend, Celina shared video and text messages that, she alleged, were between herself and Snoop Dogg...and social media quickly tore the “Doggfather” apart for fooling around on his “ride-or-die” spouse.

She even claims that they even made “whoopee” to his recent gospel album. 

Uh. Okay, let's roll with this one for a little bit.

YouTuber lovelyti2002 was able to grab hold of startling evidence which she then shared TheShadeRoom who then ran the story on their Instagram account and homepage.

#WhewChile 👀 The black widow aka #CelinaPowell is exposing our Uncle #SnoopDogg for cheating on her page. She is most recently known for pretending to be pregnant with #Offset ‘s child but this time she has #MAJOR receipts 👀 #HowDoesSheKeepGettingThem @lovelyti2002

Snoop quickly jumped onto his Instagram to respond to the allegations (without dignifying Celina by her name) and shouted out his fake documentary series, Clout Chasers.

Apparently, he wanted to do something really “hood". Snoop notes that a clout chaser is someone who “tells you what they’re doingand tries to become famous,” and implied that Celina was one when he looked at the camera and stated, “you, [expletive], you.”

Celina, who actually recently deleted her Twitter page, previously created issues for with another rapper - Waka Flocka Flame.

Of course, she later confessed to making it up during a Twitch live-stream with DJ Akademiks, explaining that it was an attempt to get him to split up with his wife, Love and Hip-Hop star Tammy Rivera. Waka Flocka Flame subsequently filed a restraining order against Celina.


So, this one is a bit of a mess.  There have long been rumors that Snoop isn't the most faithful man on earth. But Celina's track record doesn't really lend any credibility to the mix, right?

Snoop actually seems to have filed for a divorce in 2004, but never followed up on it, sharing that he had fallen back in love with Shante. The duo even renewed their vows in 2008. 

What do you think? 

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