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Shiggy Posts A Kevin Heart-esque Apology Video After Getting Caught Creeping In A Girl’s DMs

Cheat-Ing, Do You Love Me? 

Shiggy messed up and he is sorry. It seems he fooled around on his girlfriend, J. Badd. 

The 25-year-old comedian shared a tearful message about it was ‘wrong’ for him to pull this stunt. 

“I apologize to my girl for constantly having her look stupid with my cheating, my constantly hitting up females,” Shiggy (born Shaquille Mitchell) reportedly said at the start of a since-deleted Instagram video. 

In the clip, the star who started the Drake “In My Feelings” viral dance craze said that his girlfriend, J. Badd, had put up with his unfaithfulness “constantly” and it needs to stop. 

“I can’t say keep saying…‘boys will be boys’ because there are males my age who do the right thing and treat their women the right way. I just want to be that guy for her. I want to let you all know there’s nothing cool about cheating.”

“Sorry @Jyoubadd for being whack and being unfaithful to you..I love you and you deserve a man who is willing to give you his all. Talking to other females [and] trying to use them for my own pleasures is wrong. It’s pointless and it needs to stop. It’s not cool and it’s embarrassing and I hope you forgive me for all the wrong I’ve done to you. I want to be a role model and I need to realize that certain things I do is wrong. I shouldn’t use my fame and my horniness to get things from other girls. Definitely not a good look. Sorry.”

So, what actually happened? An IG model appears to have started the tea-tipping on Twitter. 

“So Shiggy DMd me on IG when I was in Toronto. Talking about ‘come to my hotel.’ I mean, would I be wrong to give it to The ShadeRoom? Lol.” 

And then another woman responded to the tweet by alleging he reached out to her as well, saying, “He DMed me too. You aint’s special.” 

Haha. Yikes.

Twitter is so ruthless 😩😂
Many people compared Shiggy to Kevin Hart, for what are probably obvious reasons (he too posted a public "forgive me" plea to his wife, after he landed himself in a cheating tape extortion scandal).

“Shiggy been famous for two hours and already had to give the “Kobe Speech.” @ReefBoil, bassist for Cody Simpson & The Tide seemed to shake his head at the whole thing. “Shiggy posted an apology vid for cheating on his girl and all the comments are of people laughing at him. That toxic masculinity [ish] gon’ leave y’all miserable for the rest of your life dawg.”

So, do you think Shiggy is being geniune? Or is he just trying to cover his bases before all of his (likely) on-the-side hook-ups come out of the woodwork?

Hov tried to tell you, “Never go Eric Benét!”

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