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She might have gotten away with poisoning her husband if not for one spelling mistake... Caught Slippin!!

Jacqueline Patrick has been sentenced to 15 years in jail after investigators found evidence of a plot to kill her husband. She had already tried to kill her husband once by putting antifreeze into his drink.

What gave her away was misspelling “dignity” in a Do Not Resuscitate note that was later found to be fake.
When officers were informed by doctors of a possible poisoning case, Jacqueline Patrick was interrogated. The detectives asked her to spell the word “dignity”, and she spelled it the same way as it was on the DNR...

Police also found some incriminating conversations between Jacqueline and her 21-year-old daughter. In the texts, they discussed different ways to kill her husband Douglas.
Katherine’s lawyer claimed that the widow and daughter were victims of abuse from the deceased.
Jacqueline declared herself guilty of two counts of attempted murder, and her daughter admitted guilty to inciting another to administer poison. The former was sentenced to 15 years in Jail and the latter to 3 years.

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