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Fans Of Nicki Minaj Fans Will Be In Their Feelings After Seeing What Safaree Just Got In The Mail

Ever since his breakup with (arguably) the Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, Safaree Samuels has been trying to escape the show of his ex and make things happen for himself. 

The two were together for over twelve years before their split in December of 2014. 

His doesn’t always get the credit, but the Brooklyn-native was a key part of Nicki’s rise to superstardom, often performing as her hype man, helping (allegedly) put pen to the pad for some of her music and  motivating behind the scenes as her longtime boyfriend.  

As he attempts to jump-start his own solo music career by dropping several singles this year, he also been on our TV screens as a reality star for two Love & Hip Hop franchises – LHH: Hollywood and LHH: New York

Although things have been ugly between these two since their breakup, Safaree is reportedly still profiting off his contributions to her past music. 

Looks like he was telling the truth about helping out with certain tracks after all after all as he received an early birthday gift (his birthday is July 4th) in the form of a royalty payment check from two of Nicki’s chart-topping songs: “Did It On’em” and “Roman’s Revenge”. Both songs were on her 2010 major label debut album, Pink Friday

In a screenshot captured by the good people over at Baller Alert, Safaree posted proof of the check on his Instagram Story. Showing a total payout of over $2,300, the musician received a nice little bonus to bring in a new year of his life on earth.

Based on his caption, it’s obvious the Emcee wasn’t expecting it as he wrote: Wth I jus get this random music biz check from??? 55 yrs later wat da hell. Happy birthday to me!”

See his early 36th birthday present, below:

#Safaree received some money for the work he put in with #NickiMinaj

If you’re not too familiar with royalty statements, (which odds are, you are not), the check shows 12 different payments from the two Pink Friday singles. Seven of them are for “Did It On ‘em” with the remaining five for “Roman’s Revenge."  

Sure the $2300 isn’t the big check for top-charting songs, this could potentially be the first of many others to come as he’s been publicly fighting Nicki to be compensated for “using his creative energy to create work together” on her music during their twelve year coupledom. 

Since there is little to no chance that these two ex-lovers ever reconcile, I can totally see where finally getting some money for his assistance is a cause for celebration! 

Happy Birthday Safaree!

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