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WATCH: Footage Of ‘LHH’ Star Safaree Samuels Being Robbed At Gunpoint Last Week Has Surfaced Online

Someone send this clip to T.I. (Insert Evil Laugh).

Bad jokes; we have them in spades.

Just last week, Love & Hip Hop star Safaree Samuels was reportedly robbed at gunpoint. And now there is a video clip of this incident bouncing around the web.

Obtained by TMZ, the footage corroborates the rapper’s account he shared with Angie Martinez just hours after this all went down. Two men (presumed to be suspects Shawn Harewood and Jonathan Ricketts) can be seen running towards Safaree and his friend in the early hours of Monday, April 2nd. The gun-toting robbers check Safaree’s pockets and order the men to the floor. After getting the rapper’s belongings, they flee, while Saf and his pal run in the opposite direction.

See how the robbery unfolded in the video below:

Safaree and his lawyers think the robbery was planned. A blatant confession by another man involved also appeared online after the incident, suggesting that it was robbery over unpaid production?

“This was not some random stick up attempt, this was an ambush specifically targeting Safaree by several men with guns,” his lawyer told reporters. “The actual facts of what happened are chilling and it is only by the grace of god that this incident did not have a different ending and for that we are extremely grateful.”

Safaree isn’t sitting around and wallowing though. 

“Had my first therapy session today and thank God, it was incredible,” he tweeted on Tuesday. “I’m implementing a new rule in my life, no more phone or social media after 9pm. Peace and blessings, gonna get back control of my life!”

“Seeing your life flash b4 [your] eyes is a life changing experience,” Safaree previously posted, amidst plenty of cracks about the incident. “Nothing funny about it. It’s probably only funny to ppl who don't have anything or never experienced it. My uncle was killed in a robbery so when thinking about my situation all I think about is him.”

“I'm not crying over lost jewelry, that's material but being face and not knowing if you're about to get shot in the back of your head is the most traumatic thing I've ever had to deal with.Thank God I'm still alive they want me broken but All they did was make a beast out of me!!”, he tweeted.

“When you do a crime and get caught 10 mins after you did it that's called karma not snitching. But moving forward to ppl who know and don't know me, don't take offense to my new way of moving. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and sent blessings.”

He had also spoken up a bit during an interview on NYC’s Power 105.1FM’s "The Angie Martinez" show. 

"Oh man, I just got…I just got. I just got robbed.”

"A couple hours ago...Two dudes, two guns just ran up on me. Me face down on the floor with a gun to my head. They just took everything."

"It is what it is. They took everything." 

BREAKING: @iamsafaree was robbed at gun point this morning and shares traumatizing ordeal with @angiemartinez 🙏🏾 - Interview airs tomorrow at 3PM 📻 #Safaree

Prayers up for Safaree and hopes he gets justice!

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