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Watch: "Love & Hip Hop" Star Safaree Samuels Really Wants Someone To Let Nicki Minaj Know He Misses Her

Nooooo, Nicki.

Don’t be swayed.

She reportedly is single now that she has split from Nas. Which we still have a few sarcastic comments about, but whatever. Another time…

Now Safaree is making a play for her. Possibly.

A video surfaced online of Safaree name dropping one of his exes during a recent performance. 

In fact, the rapper wants someone to relay a very important message to her. "Someone tell Nicki (Nikki) that I miss her”. He said it multiple times.

Check out the video below: 
#PressPlay: #DontShootTheMessenger 😩 #Safaree -- #WhichNickiDoe?! #NickiMinaj or #NikkiBaby? 👀🙊

But it could be referring to reality star Nikki Mudarris, whom he dated for a minute during the third season of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood

However, he did also post a sneaky comment over on TheShadeRoom’s post about the Nicki-Nas situation. 

“Yup, we’ve both been having bad luck in this department […] Sigh Rastafari… Ain’t no hope in these streets.” 

The pair dated for over a decade before calling it quits in late 2014. And good riddance to bad rubbish, we say.

Not really rooting for a reunion between these two. They have publicly swapped insults for years.

Also, he was hinting that he wanted her back in October 2016 too.

Supposedly that was a joke though. Tip of the iceberg, folks.

He once shared his side of the story on "The Wendy Williams Show".

"Whether people know it or not, I was a part of the whole creative process up until the last month and a half of it. Cause the last month we were just going through all the songs and stuff and I found out that there was two songs with [Meek] on the album … I just had an instinct. I had an intuition that there was more to it."


"The last year, year and a half, it just got really different. We just grew apart and at the end of the day, Meek, he had a lot to do with it, with me and her breaking up."

Sure, sure.

“I’m not an angel. I’m not a saint, you know, and at the end of the day I wasn’t 100 percent happy and I already, mentally was on my way out, so I just was like, ‘It’s just a matter of time before I physically leave.'"

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