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WATCH: Ray J Tricks Safaree In Admitting What Really Happened Between Him & A1's Wife Lyrica — VIDEO

Safaree unexpectedly spilled tons of tea when Ray J put his private investigator chops to the test and pulled out all the stops to get him to confess to some sins.

Eventually, he admitted that he slept with his friend A1's wife, Lyrica Anderson.


After K. Michelle initially tossed the bomb about the alleged infidelity during the season's premiere episode, A1 was left shaken by the thought that his wife could have fooled around with another man.

“If somebody accused me of something, and I knew it wasn't true, I'd be able to laugh it off. But the louder that Lyrica's getting is making me feel like she actually did something,” A1 noted.

Lyrica didn't help herself at all by whipping out her phone (at A1's request) to prove that nothing was going on between her and Safaree. She had apparently deleted all of her messages with him...

Anyway, A1 confronted Safaree about the rumored affair in a parking lot and while things got a bit out of hand and physical, he never outwardly admitted that they had hooked up. He did mention, though, "[Women] like me... It is what it is."

Safaree and Lyrica both continue to claim they only texted one another for business and that nothing else transpired between the two.

On the latest episode of LHHH, Ray J stepped in the drama. 

Speaking with Safaree, alone, at a bar, he tricked him into admitting not only that he hooked up with Lyrica, but that he also sent her nude pictures.

"In order for them to get back on lock, she admitted it," Ray J lied.

"So, she said, me and her..." Safaree responded, to which Ray J added, "You know you smashed. What did you do?"

"Like I didn’t mean for it to happen, it’s just we be talking and we were supposed to get on a song," Safaree then shockingly shared.

The “One Wish” singer was clearly disappointed by his friend’s actions as then stated, "Why did you do that? I thought you would deny it, deny it and I could clear your name... Lyrica really didn't admit it, but I just needed to know for myself."

Watch the sneaky exchange, below:

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Sneaky, sneaky, sir!

The Internet has chimed in on this development too and trashed Safaree for going behind A1’s back to sleep with Lyrica . Take a peek at the reactions.

Hm. K .Michelle also kicked up dust and drama, by dubbing Lyrica's relationship with A-1 "fake" ? She called it a “music marriage,” saying “there’s no love or affection”.

Hopefully, Lyrica is not actually pregnant too though, right?

Anyway, hats off to Ray J, we guess.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood airs Monday nights at on VH1.

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