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Rickey Smiley Gives An Interesting Response To Reports He's Dating ‘RHOA’ Star Porsha Williams

Are they or aren’t they?

Rickey Smiley and Porsha Williams may have potential of being something special according to fans of their work, and we Porsha has been making it known that she is very much taken. So we want to know if the Comedian/Radio Personality is reality star’s new mystery beau.

The pair work together on “Dish Nation” and Rickey has appeared on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” a few times, where he flirted it up with the Bravo beauty, while admiring her body.

MTO News ran a story recently claiming that Rickey and Porsha are now a couple, citing their chemistry on their radio show.

MTO News reported, "Porsha started working with Ricky on a radio and TV program a few years ago. And ever since they started working together, you could Feel the [romantic] tension between them."

The site continued, "And Ricky's been pretty open that he's interested in dating Porsha. He went on Andy Cohen's WWHL and basically said that he's interested in her."

But nothing is going on between the colleagues. Indeed, Rickey is tired of these rumors impacting his social life.

Rickey recently referred to a report calling it a bold-faced lie, before adding, “This is why I refuse to attend any events in Atlanta. Anything you do… anybody you take a picture with you’re in blogs! You’re either coupled up… if you take a picture with a man, now you are gay, take a picture with a woman and you with her, take a picture with a program director and you about to leave your station and go to his station; take a picture with a little person then you obsessed with little people.”

“Anybody you shake hands with you are in blogs. If you need real content just reach out and do a real interview. I will not go anywhere in Atlanta with this negative media. Blogs [are] trying to ruin your brand and reputation just because they are thirsty for content,” he ranted.

So, those who were rooting for Porsha and Rickey to become an item are probably bummed.

To be fair, the two have addressed the possibility of a relationship before and it wasn’t seeming too promising, honestly.

"I think that she would make a great wife. And what I see on ‘[The] Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is not my experience with Porsha working with her every day and when we spend time together, just as friends,” Rickey once told Andy Cohen.

Porsha later chimed in on the prospect as well, saying, "With Rickey, I want people to slow down. Chemistry like this that happens in these type of situations, he doesn't work somewhere else. We work together. So it's not easy to make that decision to cross that line."

"I've heard that he thinks that I would be a great wife. I think that he'd be a great husband. He's an excellent father. So as far as having kids and wanting to pick the right dad, he would be the one. But I think that we're just friends, overall."


But, it is clear that Porsha is all loved up these days, right? We must know who her new man is. Anyone have any guesses, clues or hints?

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