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Rob Kardashian Finally Responds To Blac Chyna's Domestic Abuse Claims In Ongoing Beatdown Assault Lawsuit

Blac Chyna accused Rob Kardashian of physically abusing her a while back. After all of the nude photo leaking by The Sock King…

At the time, she popped onto Snapchat, writing, “Rob u did all this but u beat me up and try act it never happen!!!!! U put hand on me I swear on god!!!! On my kids but I'm supposed to be quiet because you're a Kardashian.”

The Blast is sharing court documents, in which Rob firmly denies the allegations completely, saying that his former fiancée "did not suffer any injury or harm as a result of any conduct" by him.

Rob also said that any damages she claims to have suffered from the incident "must also be offset against the damages " he says to have suffered from her (a reference to that phone cord incident).

He says she chased him around the home he was renting from his sister, Kylie Jenner, playing with his gun. She reportedly struck him in the upper body with it.

He then said Chyna later damaged property at the house (which lead to Kylie becoming involved in the suit as a plaintiff).
He also insists that other allegations, including defamation and the accusation that he and the Krew plotted to get Rob & Chyna cancelled, are nonsense; he claims that he believed everything he said about his ex  to be factual at the time. 

The Blast previously reported that Chyna denied any wrongdoing, insisting that her behavior was “caused and necessitated by the actions of Plaintiffs, and was reasonable and necessary for Defendant’s self-defense and defense of others.”

She wanted the assault, battery and vandalism lawsuits to be thrown out.

Is it really any wonder that authorities reportedly question whether or not either of these two can handle raising their daughter in a stable, healthy environment? Nope.

Earlier this year, in a restraining order hearing, Blac Chyna stated that Rob began speaking badly about her in front of her son King and when she asked him to stop, Chyna alleges that Rob said “I can say whatever the [expletive] I want!” before supposedly aggressively shoving her by the side of her arm and hitting her on her thigh. 

“Rob has been violent with me in the past and I am afraid to be around him.” 

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