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This Footage Of Rihanna Popping All The Way Off On Her Boyfriend Has The Internet Dying Laughing

Rihanna does not put up with nonsense.

First things first though! It seems that she didn’t split with her billionaire boyfriend after all? 

MTO News previously claimed that Rihanna dumped Hassan for a pretty funny reason, actually.

"It was a good relationship, but now it's over. Of course Rihanna broke his heart. That's what she does: break[s] men's hearts. Rihanna just got tired of him. She gets tired of men sometimes."


However, judging by recent snaps of Rihanna and her Saudi businessman beau on a Mexican vacation, they are still going strong.  

That’s not to say a few tiffs don’t pop up here and there (duh) and some paparazzi flicks may have caught a heated one between RiRi and Jameel. In these pics, a bikini-clad Rihanna and Jameel are basking in the sunshine.

But RiRi has a stiffly pointed finger directed right at him with a not so pleased looking expression on her face. In the other photos, Jameel grabs his chest, as he appears to be explaining something to her and Rihanna sits up with something to smoke between her fingers…and she’s pretty ticked off, apparently.

See the photos that surfaced online (below) courtesy of TheShadeRoom (swipe right for all 3 pics):

#TSRBaeWatch: We haven’t seen #Rihanna and her billionaire boo #HassanJameel in a while, but they were just spotted together in Mexico! What y’all think they were talking about? 👀📷: Backgrid

It’s very unclear as to what was actually going on, but fans have plenty of hilarious theories.

Long ago an insider dished on the relationship, saying, "This relationship is the real deal. Rihanna has told friends she’s in love with him and seems completely smitten."

"They’ve been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are really serious. They’re really enjoying each other’s company."

Hassan is reportedly the deputy president and vice chairman of family business Abdul Latif Jameel, which owns distribution rights for Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia. He will reportedly inherit $1.5 billion of his family's fortune one day. So, you know, cha-ching.

Not like Rihanna needs his money though; she is filthy rich in her own right. 

Rumors circulated that Rihanna was dating Hassan after they were spotted making out in a pool in Spain. They were then seen on a date in Ibiza, seeming to confirm without words that they were indeed coupled up. 

What do you think Rihanna was going off on Hassan about?

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