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The Custody Battle Between Tyrese And Ex-Wife Norma Gibson Just Hit Next Level Ugly

As we have learned in recent years, the dynamic between Tyrese and ex-wife Norma Gibson is still a complete and utter disaster. 

And it’s safe to assume that it’s not changing anytime soon…

Recently, court documents in their very ugly child custody battle revealed that the Fast & Furious actor has suffered severe career setbacks. 

And who’s to blame for this? “Black Ty” says it’s all Norma’s fault.

The R&B crooner says ever since the mother of his daughter filed “false domestic abuse allegations” against him, his income had dropped 75%. He says it’s been impossible to find employment because of her claims.

Last year, in the middle of their previous custody battle (they are battling again now), Norma reported that the singer beat their then 10-year-old daughter Shayla so bad that she couldn't sit down.

The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services looked into the claims but ultimately dropped their investigation last fall.

A Los Angeles judge also denied Norma ’s request to have a restraining order against Tyrese, as there was no proof of harassment.

Despite being cleared of the DCFS investigation, the residual effects have reportedly hit Gibson’s pockets.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Tyrese used to make $180,000 per month, but over the past year his monthly income has been reduced to $51,000.

The “Shame” singer also claims his funds solely come from appearances, residuals and royalties, which has caused him to “deplete his savings significantly” to pay his monthly expenses, including the $10,853 child support payment he makes to his ex-wife.

In a separate filing, Gibson reportedly has $113,000 per month in expenses, which includes $31,263 per month in expenses he just classifies as “other.”

Trying to avoid paying his ex-wife’s legal fees in the DCFS case that was dropped, Tyrese says he only has $130,000 left in cash after spending over $200,000 fighting against his ex-wife’s “false” DV claims.

According to her, Tyrese has nobody to blame but himself for his struggles in the movie business. 

In new legal documents obtained by TMZ, his ex-wife says his public fallout with Fast & Furious co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is why his career is failing. 

She goes on to add that all of his financial issues are his doing as well, saying "his extravagant lifestyle and over $113,000 in monthly bills is his choice." Norma also believes that Tyrese should have the money from other sources to cover her legal fees. 

Translation: Booming movie career or not, Tyrese needs to find a “fast and furious” way to pay up. 

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