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Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly ‘Freaking Out’ That Blac Chyna Is Set To Join This Reality TV Franchise

MTO News is reporting that Blac Chyna has agreed in principal to join the Love & Hip Hop franchise. Oh and she is supposedly going to be the "highest paid non-Kardashian reality star."

However, the model is currently in a legal battle against the E! network and the Kardashians, which is apparently postponing the announcement of her new deal. 

That said, there are whispers that she is expected to start filming as soon as next month!

"Chyna didn't sign on to be a part of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, or Atlanta, or New York. She's going to show up on all the shows - like how we saw K Michelle or Safaree,” a source claimed.

And…Kim Kardashian West is not happy about this plan.

Does Chyna know that only the Kardashians are allowed exploit their drama for ratings? (That was totally sarcasm). 

“Kim is afraid Chyna might embarrass herself, Rob, and everyone in the family, which really makes her nervous,” an insider noted. “Kim knows that Rob likes his privacy, and so Kim would hate for him to be put in an uncomfortable situation”.

“Kim doesn’t think it’s healthy for Dream [Kardashian, Rob and Chyna’s daughter] to be raised in an environment like that.”

That seems pretty hypocritical, right? Aren’t her kids also growing up in front of the cameras? Hm.

Anyway, Kourtney, Khloe and Kris all have “major trust issues when it comes to Chyna, so they worry about what she could do or say to hurt them on TV”.

“There’s no love lost between Chyna and the Kardashian women, and they’re pretty certain that Chyna is going to use their name to score some publicity. Let’s face it — her going on a foul-mouthed rampage against them would make some headlines around the world,” the disher continued. 

That it would. But we would really love to hear all the dirty details about what goes on within the famous family dynamics, behind the scenes.

Rob isn’t that worried though? Um…

“Chyna is very much her own woman, and he respects her for that,” they explained. “As far as he is concerned, his sisters are big enough to fight their own battles.”

Despite reports and rumors of Kim Kardashian's dismay, Blac Chyna has yet to confirm or deny her rumored return to reality television or more specifically the VH1 hit reality series Love & Hip Hop.

So, would you be happy to see what nonsense Blac Chyna could drudge up on Love & Hip Hop? She would certainly be able to keep people tuning in, right?

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