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Remy Ma Is Serving Looks As Her Baby Bump Has Officially Popped In New Photos

Remy Ma is getting ready to welcome her baby into the world, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the time to update her followers on the pregnancy on social media. The reality TV star shared a number of snaps online and many are gushing over her cute baby bump!

As they should. So adorable.

The State of the Culture co-host showered off her new Fashion Nova outfit where she barely looks pregnant in them. 

That is until you get to the final image where she pulls up her top enough to reveal her growing bump, pointing at her baby-to-be with a sense of pride.

Furthermore, she has a new fitting nickname, “Remy Mom”. Hahah. Clever.
Remy Mom🤰🏽 @fashionnova cropped jacket #RemyMa #RemyMafia #TheGoldenChild

Remy is already mother to an 18-year-old from another relationship, but she has been trying to have a child with her husband Papoose for a while. It has been a difficult journey, it seems.

However, back in July, the pair announced that they had a bun in the oven, during their vow renewal ceremony. Remy shared a clip, captioning it, “Oh yea...& then this happened 😉 I’ve been eating right, working out, and preparing for this for almost a year. We are so happy; thank you to everyone that prayed for us and sent blessings our way🙏🏽 sidebar: been super sick, lost an extra 7 pounds but I’m soooo much better now😊”.

Fans are definitely excited about Remy and Papoose’s upcoming bundle of joy.

“You got the angles down pat,” one wrote.

I give him a hard time because if I don’t he will OD more than he already does🤦🏽‍♀️buttttttt in all actuality, there’s no better feeling than your husband being this excited about your pregnancy 😊 We love you Daddy @papoosepapoose 💋-from RemyMom & “The Golden Child” #remyma #remymafia #MeetTheMackies #BlackLove

“I swear you can’t tell you pregnant until you turn to the side or something,” another chimed in.

We are really happy for Remy and Papoose! They have been wanting this for so long. The duo once opened up about Remy’s heart-breaking ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. 

"I mean, that was the saddest day of my life. Um, when she told me the news, I was extremely happy, we was thinking of names. I mean, I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would see is my future child, you know? And um, for it to take a turn like that, it was just like a roller coaster and it went down,” Papoose explained. “But um, honestly, when I got the news, she had to go into emergency surgery. So I was devastated about my child, but I was just like praying you know, 'I hope my wife is going to be okay.' I just wanted her to be okay."

Cheers again to Remy and Papoose. 

My screensaver #thegoldenchild 🙏🏿
Keep us looped in, you two!

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