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The 2018 Salaries Revealed For The Ladies Of ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ — Report

As shameful as it may be to admit, we sincerely enjoy talking about the salaries of reality stars.

It’s fascinating, really. On-camera drama creation comes at a price. A steep one, too. Apparently.

MTO News claims they have gotten their hands on the exact numbers for the cast-mates of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Nene, Kandi, Porsha, and Cynthia. This information was allegedly passed along by a member of the production team.

The highest paid Housewife on the show is NeNe Leakes, who gets $200k for each episode in where she appears. Her option for this season includes a 5% raise so she will make $210k.

So, if she pops up in all 24 episodes, she pockets $5,040,000. Hm. 

What? No way. Seriously?

Kandi is doing pretty freaking well too, as she seems to receive $93,500 per episode. That puts her at $2,244,000 (presuming she is in every episode).

Porsha and Cynthia’s episode salaries are significantly less, with each making $31,500 per episode. Neither is expected to be featured in each episode. But the show has budgeted $630k  for each, so…

Marlo and Eva both recently nabbed a peach and are therefore now earning $10k per episode. And the show set aside $240k combined for them.

Shamari Devoe (the wife of New Edition member Ronnie DeVoe) and Tanya Sam (an RN and director of a company building agency) and a few others are all vying for peaches this season. It’s not clear what these ladies will get, but Bravo has reportedly penciled in $75k for their paychecks.

Kenya WAS scheduled to make $75k per episode/$1.8 million this upcoming season. By giving her the boot, the Atlanta Housewives show just saved Bravo almost $2 million. Whew.

RHOA is already by far the most profitable show for Bravo. According to Tamara Tattles, the network spends about $600K per episode to produce RHOA/close to $13M per season. Last season, Bravo made a profit of $22M on RHOA. 

So, if you include the profit margin and the loss of “heavy hitter salaries” like Kim’s and what Kenya would have made, because her multi-cycle option agreement would’ve expired and required a complete negotiation, RHOA is budget “friendly”. Last season, having Nene, Kim, Kandi and Kenya all on the same show was tough on the talent budget but that problem is now fixed.

Bravo's estimated profit on the show is $24 million. To put that in perspective, they make more from the Atlanta Housewives than from Orange County, Beverly Hills, and New York put together.

In addition to Kenya Moore's departure, Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak-Biermann are not returning with Real Housewives of Atlanta returns for season 11 in November. 

What do you think about these RHOA salaries for each of the ladies? 

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