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New Social Media Post Of Ray J & Princess Love's Baby Has The Internet At War Over Her Welfare

A photo that most people would say is adorable has the Internet at war and arguing if the Love & Hip Hop stars are good parents. 

Ray J, who went viral recently with the #RayJHatChallenge, is being called out by thousands of people over a photo of daughter Melody Love Norwood. 

The singer shared an Instagram photo of wife Princess Love and baby Melody sleeping in bed next to each other. 

Now this is where you ask, “Vincent, where’s the issue with that?”

Let the internet tell it, the issue is the 3-month-old is lying on her stomach.

See the photo below: 

Id give my life for you both!! You're all i got! @princesslove @melodylovenorwood

Critics are leaving Ray J mentions in shambles as they warn him and Princess about SIDS — also known as sudden infant death syndrome.

If you’re not too familiar with SIDS, many health experts argue putting a baby to sleep on their stomach or side puts then at the risk of SIDS. Also parents sleeping in the same bed with their babies puts them at risk as well. 


As with anything, The internet wasted no time weighing in with their own opinions and thoughts.

One mother shared her opinions to the picture by saying: “First off babies sleep best in a fetal position which is on the stomach dumbass 2nd off she can sleep how she wants with her child fall back and give them a break let @rayj @princesslove be the awesome parents they are ain’t no [expletive] manual Or instructions to parenting god leads you and guide you through. You guys are GREAT! Parents .. Sleeping on their backs, that’s for the parents that sleep 5 rooms from their babies and don t check on them. It’s always about the vibration that you bring. You baby has several ancestors watching over her.”

This person stated: “No need to explain we #Parents know when to let our child sleep comfortably lol both my daughters hated sleeping on their backs. Love it!! Some Babies sleep best on their belly’s despite what people say. Don’t you hate when some tries to check you about your own damn baby?! Like do you really think you care more about MY baby then I do? FOH.”

tryin to vibe with @melodylovenorwood and 1 of us farted! - either way - we all suppose to have wind beneath our wingz! @princesslove aint havin it! #babygas #GrownManfart tell prinky stop being a fart monitor!
Another commenter shared: “Technically you’re supposed to switch your baby from their back to their stomach it prevents their [sic] hairline getting all [expletive] up. But what you’re really not supposed to do is have the baby sleeping in the bed with you that is a one-way ticket to SIDS. But the picture was taken, so the baby is being watched.”
@melodylovenorwood is not trying to hear what @iamsafaree is sayin!! lol #RayjsHat #RayjHatChallenge #justHavingFun #livealittle #ProudDad #WordtoGerber

Another detractor wrote: “She should be on her back. PERIOD!!!”
she 2 months now

Then this person chimed in with: “People opinion don’t matter let that baby sleep on her stomach, she learns head control very well that way, all four of my children slept on their stomach soon as their belly button fell off, it’s how we do in the island, and my youngest is only 5 months, so Melody is fine.”

I Love You #Melo

This mother touched on her personal experiences on this topic and wrote: She can do it but she shouldn’t do it. I also thought the same thing and was like oh well my parents did it this way till my son almost choked while sleeping and needed an ambulance to rush him to the hospital. Their respiratory systems aren’t that well developed. Plus there are times when they sleep and don’t fully digest their food so it comes back up. Scariest moment of my life. Me and my hubby were in tears as they were hooking our munchkin up to all these tubes and wires and trying to get his oxygen levels back up. On that day we both swore to never put him on his back when he sleeps. Or any other child we have.

GOD NEVER MAKES MISTAKES!! #familyFirst @princesslove @melodylovenorwood I Love You both so much!!!

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share below. 

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