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Raven-Symoné Reacts To Orlando Brown Debuting A Giant Chest Tattoo Of Her Face On His Body — Video

Of course, we all know Orlando Brown mainly from his role in the Disney Channel show That’s So Raven, which he starred in alongside Raven-Symoné from 2003 to 2007. Since then, his life has been full of some ups and a lot of downs.

While Raven-Symoné is far from being our favorite person, we even have to admit that we feel sorry for her when it comes to all of the messiness with her former co-star.

Orlando recently upped his obsession with her to another level after showing the world that he had her face tattooed on his chest & neck.

We were holding hands and hoping it was done with a permanent market but unfortunately it’s real and a bit unsettling.

See the clip below:

Raven hadn’t publicly addressed this move, but she was asked about it at a recent red carpet event by Entertainment Tonight at the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards.

When asked what she thought about her former That's So Raven co-star's new ink, she quickly said, "I make of the second season of That's So Raven will be coming out July 25! Byeee!"

After playfully moving on to the next reporter in line with a grin, her TV son, Isaac Ryan Brown, pulled her back to clarify that she had meant to say Raven's Home, not That's So Raven.

The former The View co-host made it clear that she isn’t involving herself in that mess.

Take a peek.

Long ago, Orlando opened up about his supposed relationship with Raven. "We dated for a quick second, it wasn’t too much, but I remember being on the phone all damn night, cause she could talk her [expletive] off (LOL). She would just talk..(LOL)…you ever been on the phone with somebody you love and you’re like ‘Yeah baby I love you, YOU hang up, nah YOU hang up…I love you too boo,” that whole [expletive], so you know we was kids and all that."

He has also opened up about some pretty private moments, which was quite unsettling.

Orlando claimed it hurt his feelings when Raven once accused him of stealing her cell phone, stating "This was like right before she went to go do The View…and it sickened me. And I was like ‘C’mon man, what the [expletive] you think it is? Like I’m a crackhead or some [expletive], like everybody else think?’ But it hurt me to the core.”

“We were just all in New York at the time, we had just done The View together. So I don’t have a problem after not getting a phone call saying ‘Happy birthday;’ or ‘Am I okay going through all the ridicule and the [expletive]?’ [So] I don’t feel that I’m wrong for speaking the kind of truth that I’m speaking because I am a comedian and I am a human being as well."

So, what do you think of Raven-Symoné’s reaction to the tat prompt? Gracious? Smart? 

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