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Rasheeda Reads Jasmine Washington For Filth And Kirk Frost Did Nothing About It In This Viral Video

Rasheeda Frost has been through a rough time over the past year, with her husband Kirk Frost's cheating and love child scandal being detailed on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." Kirk's mistress crashed Rasheeda's boutique opening to apologize, but Rasheeda sets her straight!

“The Boss Chick” has made it clear in the past that she had nothing to say to Kirk's former mistress. However, Jasmine won't take no for an answer and has tried to make contact.

Fans of "LHHATL" know that Jasmine had a longtime affair with Rasheeda's husband and ended up falling pregnant.

Rasheeda was devastated when she learned that Kirk not only cheated on her but he may have also gotten another woman pregnant.

Jasmine was adamant that Kirk is the father of her son, Kannon, and filed a lawsuit to sue him for child support.

It was revealed during the current season that a paternity test confirmed that Kirk was indeed the father of Jasmine's son.

Jasmine has been attempting to have a face-to-face conversation with Rasheeda in order to apologize for her actions, but Kirk's wife has managed to avoid her.

Rasheeda realizes that her husband's love child should have a relationship with his siblings, but she wants nothing to do with Jasmine.

Kirk joined Rasheeda on her trip to Houston, Texas, where she opened another Pressed boutique. Jasmine decided to crash the event to force Rasheeda to speak with her. 

Rasheeda appeared to be ready to call it quits with her cheating husband, but he weasled his way back into her life following the death of his mother. 

Jasmine had her chance to speak to Rasheeda at the store opening, but Kirk's wife dominated the conversation.

Rasheeda told Jasmine that she needed to be talking to Kirk and that she wants nothing to do with the messy situation.

She told Jasmine that she wasn't only angry over her sleeping with her husband, but the way she has conducted herself.

Rasheeda blasted Jasmine for posting photos of her son, Karter, on Instagram while trying to prove her son Kannon looked similar. 

The rapper drove home her point by telling her she'd had a rough year and wants her to leave her alone as she enjoyed the rest of her evening. 

Watch Rasheeda confront Jasmine Below: 

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Fans weighed in on the dramatic scene on social media:

One fan wrote, "Jasmine did all that stalking & crip walking just to finally get her moment and freeze up like sex on prom night... Go home roger!!"

A second follower wrote, "Meanwhile Kirk over there lookin like a hot plate of slimy [expletive] pudding."

Other followers suggested Rasheeda dish it out to Kirk as she did with Jasmine. The fan wrote, "Rasheeda handled jasmine like a boss but not Kirk old lying [expletive]."

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