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The Internet Is Dragging Rasheeda For This Minor Detail In Her Father's Day Posts About Kirk Frost

Father’s Day is always just a pot full of drama, eh?

And as we start this story, we have to point out that the Internet remains undefeated and they miss nothing! 

On to the tea…

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have been working hard to repair their marriage. 

In fact, the rapper jumped over Instagram the other day to share a few snaps of her husband of many, many years/ the father of her children this weekend.

But one little detail caught Rasheeda plenty of flack. 

In the second photo in the IG post, Kirk can be seen standing with his and Rasheeda's children. At the bottom of the picture, however, fans noticed the infamous blue tape that the femcee used in a past episode of L&HH to instill some boundaries in their relationship.


Take a look, below:

Happy Fathers Day @frost117 keep up the great work & continue to be the great dad you are! #happyfathersday #frost #frostfamily

See? Tuning into the show pays off! 

"Still got that blue tape down huh?" one commenter wrote, while plenty of others echoed this sentiment, questioning why Rasheeda stuck with him in the first place.

On the other hand, many laughed it up. A fan chimed in, saying "I see in the first PIC Rasheeda still have that blue tape in the house. By the looks of it, someone is still in the dog house...LMBO!!"

A follower even urged her to disable the comments, with another declaring, "Happy father's day but stay on your side of the tape."


The duo remains together while they (presumably) continue to try to work it out. 

Look, Rasheeda is fine, okay? She is evidently weathering the storm no matter what, even if Kirk did impregnate his mistress and heaven knows what else. Oh and never forget that he refused to take a paternity test for a super long time, calling his side-chick all sorts of names. 

Her reaction when it was confirmed that he was the father of Kannon was telling.

"I am not at all surprised to hear the results, but getting the confirmation is a punch in the gut. Any little bit of hope I had of things getting back to normal is out the window. This is some careless [expletive] [expletive]. Not only you [expletive] some old girl, but that is also another thing, now there is an innocent child, can you move in, no! no! But it is not even about me; it is about our kids, they don’t deserve to see their dads who they put on a pedestal, they [expletive] worship like this."

That is, if that wasn’t all faked for ratings or whatever. Well, yeah. Okay.

Any chance you caught Rasheeda ripping into Jasmine a few weeks ago? It was kind of glorious. 

Rasheeda confronts Jasmine. #LHHATL #LHHAtlanta #LoveAndHipHop #LoveAndHipHopAtlanta #RealityTV

Um, do you think that people are making a big stink over nothing or should Rasheeda have been a little pickier when it came to choosing images to highlight?

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