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New Photo Has The Internet Convinced That Khia Secretly Got Married This Past Weekend — Photos

There really is someone for everyone, folks.

Okay, okay. That was rude. But Khia has been pretty awful to quite a few folks. Go ahead and ask Remy Ma for details. (Or Toya Wright).

Did someone make the very, um, bold move of settling down with former rapper Khia? Many are saying so. 

Khia posted a picture, earlier this week, of her and her alleged boyfriend, Adamu Owusu, a graduate of Florida A&M University with a Master's Degree from the University of Baltimore. This is all according to his Facebook page, which she tagged in the photo.


And on Wednesday, Khia shared another snap of the two wearing all-white and holding a white flower bouquet. This prompted congratulations from fans, who were under the impression that the pair had swapped vows.

Take a peek.

Neither have officially addressed the mutterings so far, but judging from the clips floating around online, it seems that the couple were merely guests at a wedding reception… know.

But this probable fact didn’t stop Twitter from jumping on it. Hahah. Gems!

Even Rickey Smiley joined in, tweeting “Congratulations to #Khia on marriage!! Check out these videos from the reception:” (with a link to a blog post).


So, okay. We do think it is kind of funny that her claim-to-fame song "My Neck, My Back" was played at the event one way or another. 

Earlier this year, the rapper got into quite a battle with TS Madison over…uh…we still aren’t really sure what, honestly.

While premiering her then-new internet show, “Gag Order,” via Instagram Live, she had lobbed some serious shots at Maddie. She insisted that she knew “thievery” would happen because one cannot “trust no sissies or punks.”

“I’m not going to let you steal my soul for fame,” Khia stated, soon after she claimed that she was not going to be returning to The Queens Court

Khia also bragged to a fan on Instagram that she had yet to put money into the show, but was fine just “roasting and gagging” on her couch at home.


Khia was born Khia Shamone Chambers in Philadelphia and was raised in its Germantown neighborhood, and she moved to Tampa, Florida when she was 11.

So, now let’s pop back to the present. Is this all a bunch of buzz over nothing or do you think that Khia may have actually tied the knot?

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