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R. Kelly Finally Claps Back After The Airing Of Lifetime's ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Docu-Series — Video

The drama surrounding R. Kelly just keeps on getting more and more dramatic. 

After the airing of 6-part documentary Surviving R. Kelly aired on the Lifetime network, many across the internet have been anticipating what R. Kelly would have to said about the piece. 

As docu-series focused on the years of abuse that the singer allegedly have been accused of handing out to women as far back as the belated singer Aaliyah.

Social Media blew up after every episode as users (including celebrities) publicly picked sides, with many people calling for R. Kelly to be blacklisted. 

According to TMZ, the 52-year-old singer is getting ready to tell his side of things and expose his accusers one-by-one via a Facebook page (called Suriving Lies) and website called SurvivingLies.com.

The first person to be exposed is reportedly Asante McGee. In Surviving R. Kelly, McGee is one of the women who claims that she was a sex slave of R. Kelly’s, but there is a new video his team has put out that they say contradicts her story.

People close to the artist are stating that he will soon be launching the website, which will reveal his accusers' "true motivations." 

UPDATE: R. Kelly's 'Surviving Lies' Facebook page has been removed by the social media network as they report the "Page Violated Our Community Standards."

The website SurvivingLies.com is still reportedly going to be launched. 


Previous story by Vincent "Heartbreak" Tucker (01/07/2019 at 8:41 am CT):


Heralded as the "King of R&B" (Sorry Jacquees), R. Kelly been getting torched across social media after Lifetime’s documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly, premiered last Thursday and with new episodes on Friday and Saturday.

During Surviving R.Kelly, everyone from ex-employees, family member (including his ex-wife), and even women who were allegedly abused by the R&B singer appeared to recount their involvement with him.

All three hours were trending on social media every night that they aired causing discussion among fans and colleagues alike.

Now, the disgraced R&B singer is reportedly responding to the multiple part exposé.

According to TMZ, Kelly did not watch the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. Sources close to him kept him inform on what aired as Kelly claims to “not know half” of the people in the piece and is “disgusted” by the reports of abuse.

Also, R. Kelly claims that all the people in Surviving R. Kelly have a personal “vendetta” against him.

The report ends with a statement that reads he will be suing everyone involved with the scandalous expose.

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