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Report: Mississippi Sheriff Deputy Sues R. Kelly For Cheating With His Wife And Giving Her Chlamydia

R. Kelly has responded to the lawsuit filed by a Mississippi sheriff deputy, after he was sued for allegedly having an affair with the man' wife. The R&B singer is requesting that a judge dismiss the lawsuit, claiming the deputy was carrying on multiple affairs himself and even has a lovechild.

Sheriff deputy Kenny Bryant sued Kelly back in April for ruining his life and his marriage. In the lawsuit, Hinds County Deputy Kenny Bryant claimed that he had suffered "emotional, psychological and financial loss" due to the "Ignition" singer having an affair with his wife.

Bryant claims that his wife, Asia Childress, admitted to having a relationship with the R&B prior to their wedding in July 2012. The deputy claimed that Kelly and Childress rekindled their relationship several months after their wedding in October after she attended one of his concerts.

Bryant alleges R. Kelly and Asia carried on their affair for five years. He also claimed the singer gave his wife Chlamydia.

The deputy went on to state that he moved to Georgia at his wife's request, but was unable to find employment and was left in financial ruin. Bryant claims Childress suggested the move in order to be closer to Kelly. 

Bryant claimed his wife would suddenly disappear when R. Kelly had a concert near their area. He adds that he tried to save their marriage, but Asia later asked him for a divorce. 

He filed the lawsuit against Kelly for ruining his marriage and depriving him of love, support, and sex from his wife. Bryant claimed in the legal documents that he suffered emotional, psychological and financial loss.

Kelly has now responded to the lawsuit, admitting that he does know Childress but never slept with her. The singer is asking the judge to toss out the lawsuit against him.

R. Kelly also stated in the legal documents that he hired an investigator to look into Bryant, claiming the sheriff's deputy had multiple affairs during his marriage to Childress. The singer also reportedly discovered that Bryant fathered a love child with one of his side chicks. 

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Kelly also accused Bryant of using his resources as a law enforcement officer to further his personal agenda. The singer has requested Bryant’s phone records to prove his case, stating the deputy has been harassing him.

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