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'Married To Medicine' Quad Webb-Lunceford's Divorce From Husband Is Getting Really Ugly, According To New Court Documents

More proof that you never know what’s going on in someone’s home. 

"Married to Medicine" stars Quad Webb-Lunceford and Dr. Gregory Lunceford's divorce is getting awfully messy. Quad has asked that her estranged husband be banned from harassing her, while he claims she emptied their marital home without permission.

Quad filed for divorce from Dr. Greg Lunceford last month. She accused her husband of "cruel treatment willfully inflicted" upon her, as well as claiming he committed adultery.

Sources have claimed that Quad's disinterest in starting a family was her unfaithful husband was a big issue in their relationship. 

Quad accused her husband of being caught in a hotel room with another woman.

In her divorce filing, Quad asked the court to order Greg to pay (temporary and permanent) alimony, along with an "equitable fair division of their property."

She also requested that Greg be temporarily and permanently restrained from harassing her or committing any acts of violence against her.

The divorce documents request that Greg pay her attorney fees and she wants to have her maiden name restored. 

An automatic domestic standing order was issued and Dr. Lunceford claims his estranged wife has violated the order. 

In a newly filed motion for contempt, he accused Quad of moving pre-marital property from the marital residence without his knowledge or consent.

Gregory claims that Quad showed up to the home on May 14 with movers, taking the master bedroom furniture, washer and dryer, dining room set, light fixtures, living room furniture, two televisions, and furniture from the basement.

Not everyday is a good day, but some days are great!!!

He claims she violated the order in their case and is seeking the return of all the items Quad removed from their marital home. In addition, he is asking that he be reimbursed for the court costs associated with filing the motion for contempt.

Quad and Gregory, who tied the knot in 2012, were rumored to be living separately back in December. 

Quad previously refused to confirm or deny split rumors, but she did shed some light on their rocky marriage in her interview with TheGrio.

The "Sister's Circle" co-host admitted they were having problems in the marriage and she wouldn't rule out divorce.

She stated, "I’m definitely not gonna be a person who is unhappy. Divorce is very tough, but there’s nothing that’s more important to me than my happiness."

She continued, "I really don’t think there is anything in this world that would make me sacrifice my happiness. Not a job, not a friendship, not a marriage. It’s just unfair. Life is very short-lived and it should be filled with love, joy and happiness. Not stress and anguish and misery."

There’s quite a bit to sift through with this former couple. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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