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Moniece Offers Ray J One Option If He Wants To See An End to Her Beef With Princess Love

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood producers should be throwing thanks at Ray J this season. Seriously.

Moniece and Princess Love have been fighting on-and-off for years.

 After Moniece Slaughter attempted to throw an entire chair at a then-pregnant Princess Love, we were all worried what might sparked up when she saw Ray J.

But this week on the show, Moniece managed to keep it calm enough that she could have a little discussion with him after K. Michelle’s show.

Ray J wanted to know why Moniece thinks that she can throw a chair at his wife and unborn baby, to which Moniece says, “Well, actually I didn’t throw the chair. I actually was able to stop and think about it.” 

Uh, we guess that is true, technically?

Ray J isn’t about to accept that answer though, so rather than argue anymore, Moniece tells him to keep his wife away from her because pregnant or not, if she wants all the smoke with Moniece, she is going to get plenty of fire.

Tune in to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood on Mondays at 8/7c to see if Princess and Moniece will finally come face-to-face. And to catch all of that messiness with Lyrica, A1 and Safaree, of course.

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Uh, to be clear though, these two have been trading barbs for quite some time, so we doubt that everything will be worked out soon.

Princess Love has made very rude comments about Moniece's parenting in the past, which once led to Moniece suggesting that Princess and Ray's struggle to conceive was "karma".
She has also thrown shade at Ray and Princess' relationship, telling Princess, "You’re a bitter [expletive]. And that’s why God will never bless you, and a man will never want you, because you’re so bitter and so hateful and you’re always in someone else’s business. Let a dude put a ring on your finger. Try to keep a man for longer than six months and then come holler at me.”

Moniece has previously revealed that her issues with Princess stems from her hooking up with Ray J from back in the day. She even told her friends, "Princess doesn’t like the fact that I’m familiar with her man, maybe just as familiar as she is…and maybe even a little more."


If you think Moniece owes Princess Love an apology, good luck with that...

But on the flip slide, Princess doesn't want one... she want's something else instead. 

Do you think Moniece was in the wrong or should Princess should have zipped her lips while she had a bun in the oven?

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