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The Internet Thinks Princess Love Just Got Super Petty With Ray J's Ex Kim Kardashian — Receipts Inside

Ok. Um. Wow. Where do we even begin?

There are people on the internet who think Ray J’s wife just came for his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian-West or one of her Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-stars, K. Michelle

As we all know, Kardashian became a household name after a certain tape co-starring Brandy’s little brother “leaked” (which they both still get paid royalties from that video to this very day). 

With all the drama going on between all of the women on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, fans are wondering if Princess Love just jumped out to come for K. Michelle.

Making fun of the modern-day “Instagram model” physique, the 34-year-old took to the Instagram device to share a mirror selfie with an “outrageous booty.” 

In the caption, she wrote “Hey ya’ll.”

Initially, fans criticized her for possibly shading K. Michelle and let her know they didn’t find the photo funny. 

“This wasn’t funny there are a lot of women that are literally dying to look like that and you’re making fun of it.”

“Don’t come for K,” said another fan.

“Why you being shady towards K Michelle,” asked one fan. “Your actually so wack and pathetic like aren’t you married why do you have so much time like go earn to cook bih.”

“Ya’ll [expletive] just hate K. Michelle so bad. Get on her level.”

Others though she was coming for Kim Kardashian’s infamous behind.

This person said: “First off why is her booty like a big as a diaper that is full. Wait this is photoshopped right? Like her butt doesn’t actually look like this??? She childish and need to grow up you don’t play like that especially of somebody was sick from having implants smh. I didn’t even think of K Michelle… first, two people that came to mind were Kim K and Black Chyna.”

Another commenter shared: “That has to be photoshopped.I’m crying you were shading k more then she was even to think she was talking about her, to begin with, @princesslove I got your back lol. I’m getting Kim k vibes. When you married and have a kid you have better things to do with your life… she’s young and stupid grown up n cook your husband a good meal.”

“I mean it could be anyone coz Nicki, Kim kardashian, Chyna list goes on are “Team Diapers” all the way, but she just playing respect that. Like wtf does that have to do with you posting a photo on the gram. If that’s the case, then we should have a lot fewer ppl with IG pages, and posting pictures,” this follower added.

Irritated by the back lash she was getting, the Love & Hip Hop starlet clapped back harshly by staying, “Shut your dumb a[expletive] up I’m not copying anybody. … I’m just playing around stupid.”

She also wrote on her Instagram story, “Can’t even play with photoshop nowadays without somebody getting offended.”

Do you think Princess Love is shading someone?

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