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‘LHH’ Stars Princess Love & Brandi Boyd Savagely Dragged Each Other As They Turned IG Into A Battlefield

Before we get to the messy news…

Rumor has it Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Princess Love has finally squashed the long running drama between her and Moniece Slaughter.

After nearly coming to blows during a LHHH taping a few months ago, it’s been reported that both made peace at the reunion.

While the feud between Princess Love and Moniece Slaughter may be over, Princess’ feud with Brandi Boyd is far from over as the two ladies are bickering all over Instagram.

It all started up again when Brandi posted a snap of Ray and Princess’ baby girl, Melody Norwood, saying "All I KNOW IS THE YOUTH IS OUR FUTURE".

The shady part was introduced, though, when she tagged Ray J, Max Lux, and Ray's mother, Sonja Norwood, but excluded Princess.

Princess Love immediately responded with her own post, demanding that Brandi take the photo down, writing, "WE ARE NOT FRIENDS AND WE NEVER EVEN SPOKE OUTSIDE LOVE & HIP HOP WHICH IS WHY I TOOK YOU OUT OF MY WEDDING AND REPLACED YOU WITH LYRICA. I DON'T [expletive] WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE A FRAUD."

She managed to work some allegation into the caption too; "DON'T ACT ALL RIGHTEOUS WHEN YOU STOLE YOUR BABY'S MONEY TO OPEN UP A STORE THAT'S NOT YOURS. YOU TRIED IT!!"

It's all caps, so you know it's real.

Hm. To be fair, Brandi seems to have taken the $27,000 her husband gave her for her son and used the cash to finance a boutique. So…Princess might not be wrong, technically?

#PrincessLove VS. #BrandiB 😩👀 [SWIPE] to see how it all started!!

Obviously, Brandi had something to say about this. And so did Lyrica!

Brandi wasn’t done though. She then recorded a few clips of herself addressing Princess, insisting that she is under no obligated to tag Princess in the shot of Melody, as she is no longer pals with Princess. However, she made it clear that her relationship with Ray’s family is still great.

"Sonja is like a mother to us. We are very close. Ray is family, it's never any beef. And I've always been cool with you. But you'e not gonna go on Instagram and disrespect me." She says that if Princess has a problem with her posting Melody, she would remove the image, "But don't ever disrespect me like this. I have real things going on."

As for Princess’ claim that they were only buddy-buddy on-camera, well… Brandi says they would text and chat on the phone for hours and hours at one point.

"Are you [expletive] kidding me, girl?,” Brandi asked. She claims that Princess only caught a problem with her when she refused to badmouth Sonja (around the same time all of the prenup nonsense started unfolding, which revolved around Sonja telling Princess that she and Ray J would be getting one). 

"We really got funny and things got uncomfortable when you tried to get me to speak against Mama Sonja which I refused to do,” Brandi declared. 

Okay, okay. Was Brandi’s move super petty? Or is Princess overreacting?

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