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#SayHerName: Police Say Man Killed Pregnant Girlfriend Found Shot And Stabbed In A Suitcase — Video

A Wisconsin man is facing life in prison after the brutal murder of his pregnant girlfriend. Police discovered the woman's body stuffed into a suitcase.  

Shannon Mani was found dead Sunday morning at a storage facility two days after her family had reported her missing. She was five months pregnant at the time of her death.

Investigators revealed that Shannon's body was covered with a garbage bag and stuffed into a suitcase. She was bound with duct tape over her eyes, as well as her ankles and wrists. 

She had been shot and stabbed repeatedly.

The suitcase containing Mani's body was discovered in a storage locker leased to 27-year-old Quentin Neal, the victim's boyfriend. 


Authorities were able to retrieve a conversation from Mani's Apple Watch that revealed that she and Neal had talked about her coming to his house on Friday. That was the same day her family contacted police to file a missing person’s report. 


Her family became concerned after the 21-year-old had failed to pick up her younger brother from school. She also never showed up at her place of employment.


Police obtained a search warrant for Neal's Milwaukee home and discovered blood in the basement. 

 Neal told investigators that he and Mani had gotten into a heated argument at his house on Friday. He told them their relationship had been strained because of her pregnancy and her parents not approving of him.


Neal attempted to claim he acted in self-defense after she grabbed a gun and a knife from the kitchen during an argument.  

Court documents stated, "The defendant claimed that he showed (Mani) a gun that he had obtained for protection at which time the defendant alleged that (Mani) took the gun and a knife from the kitchen, then tried to pull the trigger but it didn’t go off because of the safety." 

Neal stated that he shot Mani twice in the head which caused her to fall down the basement steps. He told police she got up and attacked him, claiming he grabbed a knife and stabbed her. Neal admitted putting her body in a garbage bag in a suitcase and taking it to his storage locker on Tower Street. He also moved her car to a parking lot in Wauwatosa, threw her cellphone in a cemetery pond and her purse in a garbage bin. 

Police found Mani's frozen body in the storage locker. They also found bloody towels, duct tape, a knife handle and a knife blade. 

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office observed multiple stab wounds to Mani's face and neck as well as two gunshot wounds to her head. Her death was listed as a homicide.


Mani worked at a cosmetics shop and wanted to be a dental assistant. She also worked with special needs children.

Neal appeared in court Tuesday, charged with one count each of first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child and possession of a firearm by a felon. 

 If convicted, he could face life in prison for both homicide counts.

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