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VIRAL STORY: Powerball Winner Drops $12 Million on Boyfriend's Bail AGAIN...She’s Already Spent $21 Million Of Her Winnings To Get Him Out Of

Powerball Winner Drops $12 Million On Criminal Boyfriend’s Bail AGAIN… She’s Already Spent $21 Million Of Her Winnings To Get Him Out Of

We’re just going to come out and say it: Marie Holmes needs a new man. You may have already heard her story before. The North Carolina resident took home $88 million after taxes from a huge $188 million Powerball lottery win in February 2015. But those earnings have been quickly going down the drain as her criminal boyfriend keeps gets arrested and she keeps bailing him out! This is the fourth time she’s put down millions for his bail…
Holmes’ 31-year-old boyfriend Lamar (Hot Sauce) McDow was arrested again this weekend for trying to plan an illegal street race and for violating terms of his pre-trial conditions on another case. His bail was set at a whopping $12 million, which Holmes promptly posted! The price for the bail was so high because once a suspect breaks conditions of his bail, the price automatically doubles. Since this is the fourth time being bailed out, the price has gone from $3 million, to $6 million to $12 million… that’s an insane $21 million that Holmes has dropped on her boyfriend. At this rate she’ll be broke by halfway through the year! McDow’s previous arrests include drug, assault and weapons charges.

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