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Did Porsha have MORE procedures done on her body!? The RHOA star steps forwards and ADMITS that...

Did Porsha have MORE procedures done on her body!? The RHOA star steps forwards and ADMITS that...

Perfection is something many of us have longed for since the dawn of time, and something celebrities have longed for since the dawn of Photoshop and plastic surgery, especially when they are in front of a camera. Who doesn't want to look their best all of the time? We live in a day and age where the Internet has given new meaning to the term "photos are forever." Add videos into the equation and any minor flaw in a photo is magnified and shared a million times over. The pressure is unreal.

Typically the assumption is that is a woman is on any of the Real housewives series of shows, chances are she has had sometime of plastic surgery altercation to her body. This doesn't seem too far from the truth seeing as how plastic surgery has been the rage amongst celebrities striving for perfection in front of a camera lens. But assumptions are nothing more than speculation and when you point the finger just because someone fits the description of someone who might have had some body modification done, you might cross that line of just having an opinion to being labeled a pessimistic hater.

Porsha from Real Housewives of Atlanta fell victim to critics of Facebook recently when the critics began to speculate Porsha relies on plastic surgery heavily. She defended herself by admitting she has a procedure done occasionally but not to the point she can be considered a "plastic person."

This isn't the first time she's battled rumors about having procedures done. For a while now, her beauty has always been publicly challenged on social media to the point she had to announce on Steve Harvey what exactly is going on. She went on to say: “People think I’ve had my nose done, my teeth. Somebody said I had my ribs crushed.”

Porsha even went on to get more personal about her feelings about her body. During an interview with Us Weekly she was open about how she disliked her body shape until she got breast implant surgery. She says, “[My chest] was something I always wanted to fix. The day I brushed my teeth and they jiggled, I screamed with joy!”

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