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This Dallas-Area Teacher Is Accused Of Offering Terrible Options For Students To Earn Extra Credit

A Lancaster High School teacher has been arrested after sending inappropriate text messages to students, even offering them extra credit for sexual favors. 

The teacher, 35-year-old Garrett Hunter, was sent to Human Resources and immediately placed on leave by the district as campus officials continued to investigate the matter. On Monday morning, Hunter returned to the Human Resources Department and resigned.

Garrett Wesley Hunter was booked into the Dallas county jail last Friday and is awaiting arraignment on six counts of solicitation of a minor.

Two Lancaster students said the teacher’s texts offered extra credit in exchange for sex acts. Hunter, who has previously been a teacher in the DeSoto and Duncanville school districts, allegedly showed the students a “wish list” of sexual favors on his phone.

One student that wished to remain anonymous revealed, “He showed me all three things on there, and I was like, ‘I can’t do this,’ and I left the classroom."

The student alerted campus administrators and Hunter was immediately placed on leave. 

The school district notified Child Protective Services. In addition, this incident has been reported to the Texas Education Agency and to law enforcement officials.

The Lancaster school district said in a statement, “As educators, we have the obligation to protect our students and learning community. We hold the teaching profession in high regard and we strive to always be models. The nature of this adult’s communication was inappropriate, unprofessional and will not be tolerated in Lancaster ISD."

A parent of one of the victims is upset that a teacher would ever prey on students, but is obviously happy he was caught and arrested. 

"It's disturbing. it's disappointing, the whole nine yards," the parent said. "Mr. Garrett Hunter definitely needs help."

Garrett's bond is set at $150,000. If convicted he may face 2 to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 per count. Compelling prostitution of minors is a second degree state jail felony. 

Dallas County Court records show that Hunter does have a criminal background. However, the arrests were not of a sexual nature.

In June 2003 he was sentenced to 3 months probation and a $750 fine after a check forgery arrest. In February 2004, he was arrested again for theft. Hunter was sentenced to 18 days in jail but only served 6 days. In May 2004, Hunter was arrested for driving with a suspended license but the charges were later dismissed.

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