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Phaedra Parks Being Petty With Apollo Nida's New Fiancée Will Leave You In Tears — Receipts Inside

We swear Phaedra Parks can be so messy... and we love it!

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star is stooping low and throwing some major shade in her latest IG post, taking a pretty obvious jab at her ex-husband’s new fiancée.

Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks officially split in 2017 after 8 years of marriage, so it’s no surprise she’d still be sore about his engagement to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania realtor Sherien Almufti.

Phaedra and Apollo have two kids together: Ayden (8) and Dylan (5). Nida is currently serving an eight-year sentence for fraud. Parks applied for divorce back in 2014. 

According to a source interviewed by Radar Online, their relationship continues to be strained. "Phaedra has not gone to see Apollo in like two years," a source told the site. "The kids rarely see Apollo — it is just too hard on them." 

The insider went on to add that Parks "does not want to put them through that," and while they do not visit him in person, Nida calls and speaks to the boys "every day or every other day." "It is 100 percent all about the kids at this point," the source continued. "If the boys have seen their father, it was not with Phaedra." 

Phaedra and his Apollo’s new fiancée Sherien have been shady towards each other ever since the latter entered the picture and the shade continued with Ms. Parks latest post. 

The Queen of Shade shared a post on Instagram to urge her followers to see her on a new episode of Bridezillas to “see the calm before the storm.” The caption supported a photo of her taken from her wedding day with Apollo Nida. 

“Tune in with me Friday @10pm EST for the new episode of #Bridezillas @WEtv. See the calm before the storm. Let’s chat about it LIVE.”

See the post, below: 

Tune in with me Friday@10pm EST for the new episode of #Bridezillas @WEtv. See the calm before the storm. Let's chat about it LIVE🧖🏽‍♀️

Her random post is been taken as shade at Sherien once again as Nida’s new lady constant uploads about her appearance on Say Yes to the Dress, which aired a few weeks ago. 

Although Apollo is still locked up for quite some time and has quite a bit to go, his new fiancée keeps making it a point to let everyone know on her social media that they will get married as soon as he sees free soil. 

See one of her posts about the episode, below:

Are y’all ready!?? Make sure you tune in this Saturday, June 30th at 8pm on @tlc #sayyestothedress #atl I can’t wait for you all to see what dress I chose 😍❤️😘💍👰🏼 #happiness #weddingdress #positivity #livingmybestlife #freeap 🙌🏽

Was the former Real Housewives of Atlanta being mad petty or nah?

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