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Apollo Nida's Divorce Petition from Phaedra Parks Might Have Just Hit a BIG Roadblock!

Apollo Nida's Divorce Petition from Phaedra Parks Might Have Just Hit a BIG Roadblock!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, can’t catch a break. It's not enough that her business is constantly being splattered all throughout the streets, but now her divorce to incarcerated hubby, Apollo Nida,  isn’t going as well as she planned it would. 

Recently, Phaedra had to file legal documents that called into question Apollo’s divorce petition. She claims that she filed for divorce first and has already gotten her judgment. According to Phaedra,  Apollo is pretending to have no idea that she filed; even though it’s their divorce has be talked about well before Phaedra ever took a trip to the courthouse to file the papers.

It’s hard to believe that he would have no knowledge of his wife’s legal activities, especially when it's all over television and the internet. He may be in prison, but there’s no doubt that Apollo has people on the outside keeping him informed on what’s going on in the real world.

Apollo’s lawyers have stated to TMZ that they are going to drop his divorce petition. However, they say that when Phaedra appeared in court and received her judgment, Apollo did not have a legal team. Since no representation for Apollo was involved, the judge unfairly distributed the couple's property and custody of their children in Phaedra’s favor. Now, Apollo wants his day in court to argue what he believes is an equitable distribution of assets and a fair custody arrangement.

Most of us who don’t have law degrees are probably wondering how can you fight for the custody of your children when you’re currently sitting in prison cell. Even if you do win custody or visitations rights, what can you really do with that?

The drama between Phaedra and Apollo has been depicted on the show for almost three seasons. The two married in 2009 and They have two sons together; 6-year-old Ayden and 3-year-old Dylan.

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