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Peter Thomas Debuts New Girlfriend And "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Fans Say She Looks Just Like Cynthia Bailey

Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey are now dating other people, but many fans would love to see them back together again. Fans believe Peter isn't over his ex-wife and insist his new girlfriend is a Cynthia look-alike.

Thomas took to Instagram to share a photo of the lady in his life as they ran in the new year together. He captioned the photo, "NYE KISS."

Many of his followers think that his new girlfriend, Toni Scott, resembles Cynthia. Fans jumped into the comments section to give their two cents on the new woman in his life.

One fan wrote, "That Cynthia???? Or did u go get a carbon copy??"

Another follower added, "She kinda look like your ex in this pic!!"
New year, new love! #RHOA's #PeterThomas is debuting his new bae, who some suggest favors ex wife #CynthiaBailey. More cute pics of the couple on #theJasmineBRAND.com
Other fans showed support for Thomas and his new relationship:

One Instagram follower wrote, "Why yall gotta bring Cynthia in this??? In one hand he's holding a bottle of bubbly and in the other he's holding a lady that he's kissing lol. Sounds cool enough to me. How's the man ever supposed to move on when yall are constantly bringing up his ex lol?"

NYE KISS @cluboneclt @sportsoneclt

Another person stated, "I just don't understand. Folks are bashing Peter as if he left Cynthia. The man begged, pleaded and cried for her to stay with him and she STILL left. She made the statement that it was her that was the problem, not him..."

During the season 9 reunion, Peter told host Andy Cohen that he was dating a woman he likes “a whole lot”. He refused to give any additional details.

Peter's girlfriend, Toni, is one of his Bar Ones employees. She works as the Operations Manager.

Some sources believe Peter was dating Toni while he was still married to Cynthia. 


Fans of "RHOA" will recall that his co-star, Porsha Williams, accused Thomas of cheating on his wife with one of his employees. Peter vehemently denied Porsha's accusations.

Infamous car selfie 🤳🏽 💅🏽👄

Cynthia moved on to date a man named Will Jones, who appeared on "RHOA". However, some suggest the romance is already over and that he was hired to be her 'boyfriend' on the reality show.


Bailey discussed her ex-husband's reaction to her dating Jones during her appearance on "Watch What What Happens Live" months ago.

2018. So far, so good lol❤️ #50cynt @nationalhotelmiami #tamarasbistro

She said, "We’re not together anymore so I’m not there when he watches it. He told me actually, I spoke to him a couple of days ago, he said that he hasn’t really watched it. Um, I don’t imagine that it’s easy. I mean I don’t want to watch his dating life on TV so I kind of get it. Um, I guess it’s as well as to be expected. But we are officially divorced and we have both moved on so…"

Peter and Cynthia married in July 2010 and their wedding was televised. The couple separated in 2016 after being plagued by cheating rumors. In March 2017, Bailey confirmed the divorce had been finalized.

Merry Christmas & Continued Blessings❤️

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