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Mother Of Two Set Up By Her Dollar Tree Co-Worker To Be Robbed & Killed For Her $3,000 Tax Refund — Video

Keiauna Davis, 27, a single mother of two young girls, was murdered on Thursday afternoon for her tax return refund. Police reveal the woman was set up by her female co-worker, along with two male accomplices.

Keiauna was walking home about 2:50 p.m. following her shift at Dollar General when she was fatally shot by a man on Laketon Road, according to Allegheny County police.

Laya Whitley, 21, of East Hills, Dane J. Taylor, 21, of Swissvale, and Kaijin Scott, 23, of Turtle Creek, were arrested and charged in the killing late Friday.

Police have determined that Whitley, who worked with Davis at Dollar General, conspired with the two men to rob the 27-year-old of her $7,000 income tax refund.

Davis' tax refund had been deposited into the bank earlier that day and her grandmother brought her the money during on her lunch break at Dollar General.

Her co-worker, Whitley, sent a text to Dane Taylor about the money and they decided to rob Davis.

In the text messages, Whitley allegedly tells Taylor, "This girl at my job brought 7 bands to work ain't that some [expletive]."

An hour later, Taylor sent Whitley a text reading, "It's a go delete all dez text."[sic]

A third suspect, Kaijin Scott, received a call from Taylor asking him to drive to the Dollar General and park in the rear of the building. Taylor told him he needed to see a girl and pick up some money.

Scott later told police that he exited the car at one point and urinated next to an abandoned home. When he got back in the car, Scott said Taylor was wearing a mask on his face and was holding a gun.

Scott told police Taylor received a text on his phone which said ,"Go!" At that point, he followed Taylor's directions, leading them to Davis as she walked on Laketon Road.

Taylor got out of the car wearing a mask and holding a gun, and a scuffle ensued between him and Davis, according to the complaint.

Taylor fired one shot that missed Davis, before firing another shot that struck her in the hip.

Taylor then stole Davis’ purse and returned to the car, removing the envelope filled with cash out of the purse before tossing it out of the window.

First responders found Davis suffering from a gunshot wound as they arrived on the scene. She was taken to UPMC Presbyterian, where she was pronounced dead.

Scott told police that Taylor gave him $800, then took the rest to Whitley.

Whitley, Taylor and Scott were arrested and taken to the Allegheny County Jail. All three suspects are facing robbery and criminal homicide among other charges. They are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on March 9.

Davis is survived by two daughters- 6-year-old Azaylah and 2-year-old Aliviyah.

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