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Just When You Thought Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan's Custody Battle Was Over, Here Comes This Major News

It’s almost necessary to down a coffee before delving into Matt Barnes and his ex-wife Gloria Govan’s tangled web of drama. So exhausting.

Well, perhaps the end of their nearly non-stop bickering is coming to an end? 

A California judge has finally made a decision in the very lengthy and public custody battle between the former Basketball Wives and her ex-husband.

The retired NBA star is evidently full of gratitude, after a judge recently awarded him sole physical and legal custody of his 10-year-old twin sons with Gloria —Carter and Isaiah. (The former couple split after a very rocky divorce in 2014; they were husband and wife for two years.)

The decision was made following a court hearing in Los Angeles, People reports.

On August 31, Gloria was apprehended by law enforcement for child endangerment when she and Matt were involved in a dispute at their sons’ school, police reports reveal. 

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According to TMZ, Matt was set to pick up their boys from school, per their custody agreement. However, when Gloria arrived early and put the kids in her car, the situation kicked into crazy gear.

It seems that Carter and Isaiah moved to their dad’s vehicle, after he instructed them to. Well, then Gloria reportedly followed and tried to block his vehicle? A 911 call was placed and Gloria was taken into custody for child endangerment and violating a court order.

The boys were reportedly allowed to go with the former Los Angeles Lakers player once he proved it was his weekend to have the kids, US Weekly explained.

Since the ugly-sounding altercation, Matt has apparently been hard at work taking all steps necessary to protect the safety of his children. He hired the best legal team he could find.

Following the successful judicial outcome, he posted a picture with his legal team on Instagram to show his gratitude to the people that went to every possible length to help him through the difficult process.

“The DREAM TEAM!” Matt captioned the photo, adding, “Can’t thank you guys enough #GodIsGood.”

The DREAM TEAM! @samantha_spector @judgebackman judge turned lawyer extraordinaire & btw happy bday Larry! Can’t thank you guys enough #GodIsGood 🙏🏽

In addition to awarding Matt full custody of the twins, Gloria was also ordered to complete 26 sessions of anger management and 10 parenting classes.

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The theatrics between Matt and Gloria kicked up even higher, when she began dating Derek Fisher, an old teammate of Barnes from when he played with the L.A. Lakers. Matt became enraged upon learning that his once-close friend had begun dating his wife, whom he was not even officially divorced from at the time. He later admitted he flew into a blind rage and went to go have it out with his ex-teammate.

Supposedly, Matt found out about the relationship from one of his sons, who had texted him saying, “Mommy’s friend Derek is here.” 

Derek and Gloria are now engaged, as he proposed to her this past April. Meanwhile, Matt claims that he plans to do all he is able to keep an amicable relationship with his ex-wife for the sake of their children.

#MattBarnes said it’s all good with him and his ex wife and ex team mate #DerekFisher and #GloriaGovan on their engagement.

Well, let’s hope so.

Do you think the right choice was made? 

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