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Another Woman Comes Forward Claiming To Be Involved With Kirk Frost! [RECEIPTS INSIDE]

Kirk Frost is currently embroiled in an alleged love child scandal with Jasmine Washington, which is obviously putting a strain on his marriage to Rasheeda.

Now, another woman has come forward with 'receipts' about her hook ups with the married reality star.

The unidentified woman has allegedly been in touch with VH1 producers for several years. 

The woman wrote, "I wasn’t gone say sh*t but this a text convo between me and Kirk earlier today. I’ve been with him almost 4years. He told me he was co-parenting with Rasheeda living under the same roof. I have so much more to share. Stand by."

Fans have had it with Kirk's alleged philandering ways and worry why in the world Rasheeda hasn't kicked him to the curb. 

One fan, ki_car_mela, wrote, "working thru stuff in marriage is cool especially if it's some out of character sh*t. But when it becomes habitual over and over again it's your character & time to cut ties. he has a WHOLE problem. embarrassing his wife over and over. sickening! rasheeda is fine af move on already."

Follower _lovebells, "why do women mess with married men and wanna brag about it??? even if he says he is co-parenting under the same roof don't belive it sis they still together. its nothing cute about creeping with a married man." [sic]

And mrs_ayoung wrote, "How could she not know they were together? Bi*ch the show come on every Monday night when it airs and you're a** aint been in no scenes so that should have been your clue right there."

As fans know, the premiere of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" kicked off withFrost’s alleged baby mama, Jasmine Washington, 27, crashing a masquerade party and claiming that Kirk was her baby daddy. 

Washington claims Frost later abandoned her financially and she has filed a lawsuit against him for child support. 

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Of course, this isn't the first time Kirk has been accused of being a cheater. He was shown on season 2 of the show getting it on with two women in a hot tub.

We can't help but wonder why in the world Rasheeda stands by her man after being cheated on numerous times. 

An insider has claimed, "Rasheeda [has] invested has so much of her life into Kirk that she can’t help but believe him. That’s her man, her world, and she loves him. Her entire life and her ability to trust anyone, especially a man, would come crumbling down if Kirk’s the father of [Jasmine Washington]‘s baby."

Rasheeda and Kirk have been together for 17 years and have two children together. 

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