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WATCH: Book Publisher Says O.J. Simpson Confessed To Killing Nicole Brown Simpson And Ron Goldman To Her

Book publisher Judith Regan says that O.J. Simpson confessed to the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

TMZ published an outtake from the recent FOX special OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?

Regan, who also published O.J.’s controversial book If I Did It, says that OJ’s lawyer told her the book couldn’t be called “I Did It”…because he didn’t want his kids to know he committed the murders.

“I received a phone call from the attorney who said that O.J. was ready to confess,” Regan told moderator Soledad O’Brien. She initially thought that the attorney was a prank caller, but she still agreed to take his number down.

“The next day, he called me back…the only condition that he had was that he didn’t want to call the book ‘I Did It,'” she explained. “He wanted to put an ‘if’ in front of it, so that he would have deniability with his children. He couldn’t face his children, and he couldn’t tell them that he had done it. That was the way it was portrayed to me, that was his only confession.”

Watch The Clip Below:

O.J. was acquitted of the murders in 1995. In October 2017, Simpson was released from prison on parole, after serving nine years for unrelated burglary and kidnapping charges.

Boy, that special sure sounded like something else.

“It’s not easy to discuss,” he claimed, in a previously recently-released trailer.

“This is hypothetical,” OJ stated. “I remember I grabbed the knife, I do remember that portion.”

“Where are the bloody clothes? So somebody had to get rid of the bloody clothes,” he said. “We’ve all seen the grizzly pictures, after. So yeah, I think everything was covered, would have been covered in blood … It was horrible. It was absolutely horrible.”

Sign Of The Times 📼🏁

Wonder what the Goldman family thinks of all this.

The Daily Mail previously reported that Ron’ father, Fred Goldman, has taken several opportunities to face OJ in court, the earliest being January 17; in 1997, the ex-football star was found guilty in a wrongful death suit and was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages to the Brown and Goldman families.

Oh and due to interest, the balance has ballooned to $71 million.

Simpson’s lawyers argued that he doesn’t have that kind of money, claiming that the Goldman family is preventing him from making any money outside of his NFL pension and social security…and that Goldman drags OJ to court whenever potential media opportunities crop up.

He had also told the court that Goldman has “shattered” his attempts to “readjust to civilian life and family life.”

A huh.

Watch O.J. Simpson hypothetically confess to the 1994 murders below:

Who do you think of O.J's hypothetical confession?

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