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Offset Threatens Chicago Rapper Claiming About He Hooked Up With Cardi B Amid Love Child Drama

Offset and Cardi B just became engaged in October, but soon afterwards the Migos rapper was hit with a cheating scandal. 

Now, Chicago rapper King Yella is stirring up drama by talking about his previous relationship with the "Bodak Yellow" rapper.

Cardi B and Offset's relationship has been plagued by scandals recently. A hacker released incriminating videos stolen from the Migos rapper's phone, where he is shown in a hotel room with a naked woman.

Cardi later addressed the video and confirmed her fiancé had cheated. She offered up a warning to the rapper during one of her concerts, claiming he'd 'lose his wife' if he cheated again. 

Last week, their relationship took another hit when a sex tape of Offset (allegedly) leaked onto the Internet. The rapper was shown in various sex acts with a woman that was not his fiance. 

Cardi must feel humiliated by Offset's philandering ways, but she is still standing by her man. 

Offset may be a serial cheater, but he certainly is bothered by King Yella's comments about hooking up with Cardi B in the past. 
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As if Cardi and Offset didn't have enough problems, Yella is stirring the pot by posting old photos of himself and Cardi B that were taken before she became famous. 

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Yella appears to be having the time of his life taunting Offset. It's not clear why Yella is tryng to cause problems in Offset and Cardi's relationship. Perhaps he is just trying to drum up some publicity by riding Cardi's coattails. 
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Yella has been clowning Offset by posting his song, "Cardi B Truth", which talks about him hooking up with the former "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star. 

Yella put out the record "Cardi B Truth" over Offset's "Ric Flair Drip" track, which makes the move even more a slap in the face to the Migos rapper.

The cover art for the track is a photo of Cardi and Yella posing together. On the track, Yella raps, "Thick [expletive], Cardi B wanna have my baby."

He also claims he had sex with Cardi, rapping, "Offset boy you better watch your [expletive]/Watch your [expletive] yea she on my [expletive]."

Look at all y’all mad 👇👆🏿👉

King Yella also shared a video of his Facetime call with Offset where the Migos rapper issued him a warning.

He is shown telling Offset, "[expletive] think I’m a [expletive] or something? What you saying though? Yo [expletive] inboxing [expletive] talking about I’m a bozo. I don’t give a [expletive] about none of that [expletive]."

Yella continued, "I’m not worried bout no [expletive]. We can link, get it on, whatever."

Offset can be heard on the call, saying, "The Gangstas gon beat your [expletive]."

Yella shared the recorded Facetime call on Instagram with the caption reading, "I guess @offsetyrn & @iamcardib mad so now he wanna act tuff on gd y’all got the right guy. [expletive] callin my phone like I’m [expletive]. #BIGYELLA KEEP EM MAD.”

Yella later posted a video, revealing Cardi B dissed him in a conversation with Billionaire Black.

He said, "[Expletive] falling out over a [expletive]. Wanna talk crazy. That’s Folks, [expletive]. I just talked to Blood. Cardi B all in [Billionaire Black] and all type of [expletive], talking about I’m a bozo, I’m a goofy. So [expletive] both of y’all, so [expletive] both of y’all. Offset, you screaming this GD [expletive], all that GD [expletive], well tap in with the GDs. Acting all gangster. I saw real videos. I know real [expletive], personally. What they call Quavo in the hood. Yanni."

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Yella responded to his critics with a post on Instagram. He said he has no problem with Cardi and was just speaking the truth. Yella claims he inspired her to rap, obviously trying to take credit for her success.
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Should Offset just ignore King Yella's attempts to troll him?

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