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Report: Migos Rapper Offset Accused Of Cheating On Fiancée Cardi B Once Again After Leak Of New Videos

Cardi B and Offset are trying to work past problems in their relationship after the Migos rapper allegedly cheated on her. However, new clips of a man that resembles Offset engaged in sexual relations with another woman have been leaked online.

The two blurry videos went viral on Thursday, appearing to show Offset cheating on the "Bodak Yellow" rapper once again. 

TheShadeRoom reported on the alleged sextape, revealing the clips can be found by searching the Offset hashtag on Twitter.

The incriminating video was presumably obtained by the people responsible for hacking Offset's cell phone recently.

The footage shows a man with dreads that certainly looks like Cardi's fiancé, as he engages in several sex acts with another woman.

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The footage is blurry and makes identifying Offset a bit difficult. 

Cardi and Offset already endured a cheating scandal, but now have been hit with the sex tape's leak. It's not clear when the rapper cheated, but the time-date stamp at the top of the video shows the 20th of December. 

Fans were rooting for the couple, but many appear to feel Cardi needs to dump Offset after the latest scandal.

Cardi recently confirmed that her fiancé cheated on her back in October, after a video of him with another woman in a hotel room leaked online.

Cardi may have forgiven Offset, but she addressed his cheating during a recent concert.

The "Bartier Cardi" rapper told fans she had warned Offset that if he cheated again that he'd be "without a wife." 

A source has revealed that their relationship is obviously struggling after the cheating scandal. 
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The insider dished, "Cardi is struggling with trust issues with Offset. She is feeling horrible about the damage done to her relationship by all the scandals and ugly rumors swirling around their relationship."

Happy Birthday Hubby @offsetyrn i love you so muccchhhh.People see the jewelry and the money ,I see the hard work you put in and how caring you are for others .You take care of family, your kids, gang and friends! You always challenge me to work harder and be better! True King raised by a Queen 👑👑 I loveeee you ,You deserve the world and Me 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

The source continued, "Cardi wants to believe that her man has been loyal and faithful but she is uncertain. While her heart is telling her to love and forgive Offset, her mind can’t get over the possible cheating. Cardi is struggling and she is not sure if they will get married or if their relationship will even survive."

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