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Iggy Azalea And NFL Star Wide Receiver Confirm They Are Dating During Flirty Exchange On Social Media

As we as know... celebs can be all types of unpredictable, one thing you can always rely is dating updates via social media.

Despite rumors that she is getting close to Odell Beckham Jr, Tyga or Chris Brown, it turns out that Iggy Azalea’s new beau is...someone else entirely.

Is she coupling up with NFL star DeAndre Hopkins though?

While exchanging flirty comments on social media, the duo seem to have confirmed their status.

Speculations that they were an item were first sparked up after the Houston Texans player shared a snap of himself that he captioned: "My Aussies call me legend."

In the comment section, Iggy wrote, "I could think of a few other things to call you."

One curious fan was quick to ask whether or not he was her boyfriend, to which he confirmed "Yes, indeed."

In other screenshots captured by a Brazilian Twitter account for fans of Azalea, Iggy also called him "her man."

Romance isn’t dead, guys.

There has yet to be an official confirmation of the relationship, so everything is speculation until something more official comes along.

Well, if this romance is actually happening, we hope it ends up being less of a mess than her dynamic with ex-Nick Young. Their breakup was all quite dramatic after he cheated on Iggy more than once, then “created a whole human” with his baby mama. 


“I went from being snitched on to about to put a ring on,” Nick said in an interview earlier this year, after the Golden State Warriors won the championship against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“I want him to stop referencing the [expletive] he did as if it’s funny or even cool just because it’s old now,” Iggy responded. “I’ve moved on but It’s never gonna be a cute joke to make, Congrats on the win tho.”

She then added, “enjoy it without referencing your dirty [expletive]. Not hard.”

UPDATE: Maybe the Iggy Azalea/DeAndre Hopkins rumors are just a publicity pulling ploy?

Hm. While on E!’s Daily Pop, the rapper confessed she had been "so alone" and was definitely ready to mingle. She also said she wanted to date someone outside of the music industry.

Iggy aslo took to Twitter to confirm that she is indeed single, thus implying the previous claims to be nothing more than harmless flirting.

Perhaps Iggy needs to take a page out of Flava Flav's book, and bring her search to the national stage. “For the Love of Iggy?”

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