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Nipsey Hussle Takes To Social Media To Show He's Still Crushing On Ex Lauren London Weeks After Their ‘Breakup’

The Lauren London-Nipsey Hussle break-up narrative sure took a sharp turn, eh?

Initially, it was all sunshine and flowers, supposedly.

He had tweeted an announcement of sorts, writing, “@LaurenLondon  and I had a dope relationship and made a Beautiful child. we are deciding to separate and raise our Son together as the main priority. This was A mutual choice and We will function with each-other as family w love and respect.”

She had posted too, keeping it simple; “Love. That’s it.”

That didn’t last very long.

Some say that she may have kicked him to the curb for cheating on her with an actress/model named Blakely Ashton. 

Nipsey previously denied this rumor though, for what it’s worth; before the break-up, just to be clear. 

He had posted a snap of his then-lady love, captioning this, "Ima quote jay and snoop and then get bac to loving my job...and MY WOMAN. Yea u shining but tha only thing u leavin out..ur a candle n tha sun that [expletive] dont even out. -jay z And Thas realler than real deal Holyfield And now u [expletive] and [expletive] know how I feel - snoop Dogg"

Nipsey's other baby mama Tanisha also publicly claimed that she had been hooking up with the rapper for quite some time.
Anyway, Nipsey after making it known that their relationship was a thing of the past, recently posted a shot of his ex Lauren London, quipping, “Pull out or naw? 😂”.
Pull out or naw? 😂

Hm. Is Nipsey re-shooting his shot?

We can’t decide.

The duo started dating in 2013, welcoming their first child together in August 2016.
Oh and Masika Kalysha actually took a time out from bickering with Alexis Skyy  to chime in on whether or not it was okay for Nipsey (who's a noted member of the Crips) to share break-up news on social media! This led to a little tiff too…

Masika questioned Nipsey’s move, quipping, “Do gangsta rappers announce break ups 🧐🧐🧐”.

He shot back, saying, “Do reality TV throw aways...get to question Bosses? S/O my [expletive] @fettywap tho.”


Masika wasn’t done. She responded with…"Now I see why lil emotional nippy ain’t put out a record in a min. Sis needa ghost writer. That was weak [expletive]. I coulda helped you with that feminine clap back since you got so much time on ya hands to entertain girl business. Watch ya [expletive] mouth sis. Cryin too much."

There was more, but you get the idea.

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