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Nicki Minaj Is Taking Her Beef With Cardi B To New Levels After This Savage Move — Receipts Inside

Okay, that’s about enough, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

Wrap it up. 

And cool it with the jokes. Except…some are still pretty funny. Continue.

Well, Nicki is continuing to capitalize off her feud with Cardi, thanks to some new merchandise.

People have long speculated that there was drama brewing between these two behind the scenes, but it wasn’t until all of the MotorSport nonsense that we were given concrete proof, as Nicki finally discussed the situation in an interview. 

Then, the duo got into a fight at a New York Fashion Week party, when Cardi tried to throw a shoe at her rap rival.

Shortly after, Cardi B addressed her issues with Nicki in an Instagram post where she accused Nicki of "stopping her bag." 

"I've let a lot of [expletive] slide! I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, I let you attempt to stop my bags, [expletive] up the way I eat!,” she wrote. "You've threaten[ed] other artists in the industry, told them if they work with me you'll stop [expletive] with them!!"

Enter Nicki’s latest endeavor. She’s rolling out a "Nicki Stopped My Bag" line, which includes pink and black sacks, t-shirts and a jacket, with the line splattered across these items. Hahaha.

✨✨ 🚫🎒

This is a continuation of Nicki making fun of Cardi B’s allegation against her. 

Not too long again, the Queens femcee and her Barbs Army took to Twitter to create the hilarious hashtag #NickiStoppedMyBag.

Minaj kicked it off by writing, “Bag STOPPED! Carry on! Kitty on fle... 🤨.     🛍🛑.   🚫🛍”.

She then joked that she went undercover as an Uber driver, after a fan mentioned that her ride-giver was named “Chunli”.

“You never noticed the double entendre in “bag stopped, carry on”. My carry on luggage was stopped when I tried to board the flight,” Nicki tweeted. “My carry on bag was stopped. Bwahahaaaahaha. I love writing raps #NickiStoppedMyBag”.

Well, the Barbs went wild coming up with their own hilarious quips about the Queen stopped their bags.

Cardi isn’t concerned about her post-tiff career either though.

“You know after the altercation that happened at Fashion Week, a lot of people wanted to be like, Cardi is canceled, this and that. That’s not true,” she previously noted. “I actually got a lot of offers from a lot of fashion people that y’all will slowly but surely, slowly but surely, don’t forget, will see. You know what I’m saying?”

“A lot of people was doing rumors up that a couple of celebrities, they unfollowed me. That was not even true. Those celebrities weren’t even following me,” Cardi also shared. “Why can’t you guys stop making rumors trying to make me look like I’m just over and everything? When my time is over, ya’ll will see when my time is over." 

"My numbers will be going down, I’m not going to be on the charts, people will stop [expletive] with me. You will see. But God is saying it’s not my time yet. So just relax and enjoy the show. And worry about your life.”

Will you be picking up any of these pointed products? 

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