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Nicki Minaj Reportedly Disses Cardi B And Calls Her Out For Openly Stealing Her Style

So…do Nicki Minaj and Cardi B hate each other or what?

Back in August, Cardi tried to deny that there were any issues swirling around between them. Sort of. Earlier this month, more rumors started flying around though. 

Now, Nicki’s fans are in a tizzy because they think Cardi tried to steal Miss Minaj’s style. Huh?

Many hopped onto Twitter to declare that the look Cardi rocks in her “No Limit” music video is very Nicki-y.

Nicki thinks so too, apparently. She piped in with, “I’m glad ya’ll peeped”.

Oh, Nicki. So petty sometimes. 



Cardi once explained her take on people constantly trying to pit the two of them against each other, saying, "I mean, I don't really want problems with anybody. I don't wanna be like 'queen'. I don't wanna be no this. I don't wanna be no that. I just wanna make music and make money. Like I really don't have time to look at other women...what they doing. I'm myself. You know what I'm sayin'? Nobody got a problem with me, then I don't gotta problem with them. Somebody got a problem with me? I don't really gotta do that whole industry beef."

"Like, you know? I get it poppin' with these hands. The mack truck."  

The pair kind of collaborated with “Motorsport”, but that didn’t put out any of the mutterings about a feud. Like, at all.
#PressPlay: #CardiB addresses how she became a part of #Motorsport featuring #NickiMinaj and #Migos. She says that when she first heard the track, Nicki's verse was different than the version we hear today. Via: @capitalxtra
Don’t think Nicki’s explanation really helped either.

An insider once dished, noting, "Cardi is really confused over Nicki and how she’s been acting. She’s been supportive publicly and whenever they’ve talked Nicki’s been cool, but Cardi’s got all these people telling her that Nicki is shady behind her back. It’s hard for Cardi to know what to believe. The old Cardi would confront Nicki over this, but she can’t act that way anymore."

"She doesn’t want to make enemies, she wants to make money."

"And she wants to keep her man happy. Offset and Nicki are friends, he loves her and the last thing Cardi wants to do is put him a spot where that friendship is ruined because of her. She’s stepping very carefully and just doing her best not to get sucked into drama."

PYTHON 🐍 @offsetyrn

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