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Azealia Banks Drags Nick Cannon & Makes Disturbing Allegations In New Instagram Post — Receipts Inside

Azealia Banks’ list of enemies continues to grow.

She has thrown vile, offensive and bigoted insults at hip hop/r&b’s elite throughout the years. 

Just this year, she’s come for Rihanna, Remy Ma and who can forget her drama with then-pregnant Cardi B? 

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Azealia deemed Cardi an "illiterate, untalented rat" at one point, before later hinting on social media that the former reality star's best friend was offering up [intimate] favors to receive better treatment behind bars. Yikes.

Last week, Azealia (and Joseline Hernandez) aired Nicki Minaj out on Instagram after Nicki Minaj released her latest music video for “Bed,” featuring Ariana Grande.

Looks like #Joseline agrees with #AzealiaBanks 👀

Now The Harlem femcee has now added…. Nick Cannon to her beef list with some messy allegations.

Taking to social media, she is bashing Nick Cannon and the cast of MTV’s Wild’N Out for treating her “terribly” during her filming for the show this past weekend.

During her episode, things apparently got heated between her and the cast.

Claiming that the hosts came prepared with “colorist” jokes, she insists that she was initially asked to perform one song, but when she got arrived, she was subjected to “problematic jabs” and harassment.

When asked by a fan in the comments why she didn’t “go off” when she is well known for doing so online, she claimed that she wanted to respond to the insults, but was too concerned about “the people from Viacom” who were present at the taping.

She then proceeded to call the Wild’N Out crew plenty of names. 

"Ward of the state CLOWNS with their low scale and highly UNimpressive resumes, start going off about how the beautiful Azealia Banks looks! I’ve never felt so much hate and rage for anyone else than I did in that moment," she penned.

#AzealiaBanks says she cried during the taping of #WildnOut #SWIPE

Azealia also wrote that she felt persecuted by the jokes...but if she made fun of Nick's lupus, she would be “the bad guy of the year.”


Nick came prepared though.

He popped onto Instagram to respond, quipping, “Don’t you hate it when you create your own storms but forget your umbrella?” with a screen shot of Azealia making that reference to his Lupus condition.

Don’t you hate when you create your own storms but forget your umbrella??? 🤦🏾‍♂️ @azealiabanks We are praying for you Queen 🙏🏾 #speedyrecovery #Healing She #Wildnout for real 😳 🤣 #Karma

He then plopped onto various hashtags that implied Azealia Banks did, in fact, bring this all upon herself. #Karma 

Nick also (seemingly) sarcastically said he was “praying for her speedy recovery.”

Then “Wild’n Out” cast member Jason Lee (who runs Hollywood Unlocked) gave his side of the story. 

In a Instagram video, Jason alleges that Azealia called a fellow cast member the F-word, causing chaos on set. She apparently did this in defense of a joke made about Cardi B, who Azealia Banks has beef with (anyone else confused).

This caused production of the taping to stop momentarily before Nick Cannon decided to just cut her time short. 

Was Nick way off-base? in his response or did Azalea just get a taste of her own medicine? 

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